4 Things Modern Warfare 3 Must Do to Beat Battlefield 3

This holiday season will see two huge shooter franchises go up against each other: Call of Duty and Battlefield. With the holiday season only a few months away, it's time to take a look at what Modern Warfare 3 needs to do to win the battle.

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omi25p2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

1. Cancel it,
2. Then create a new and improved engine then start developing it again.
3. Then when the games finished have a big beta to iron out any bugs.

-MD-2662d ago

Sorry but a new graphics engine and some bug fixes aren't going to make me come back to Call of Duty.

a_squirrel2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

It's really sad, because when you think about it, the 4 points are basically what Activision has been doing for years with COD.

Add a few new things, and it's entirely new to consumers.

captain-obvious2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

COD don't need no destruction

what COD want is to be COD4

-introduce something new like COD4 introduced modern combat to the franchise
-be innovative
-fun and balanced MP with no bug, glitches or exploits
-new and fresh SP
-new graphics engine just like COD did back in the days and it WOWed everyone back then

that's what it need to win over ANY other game
like it sells millions now
believe me if they do this it'll sell much much more

Pixel_Pusher2662d ago


4. then add dedicated servers because without that it's f**king pointless to play a competitive online FPS.
5. fix the spawn system
6. take out newbie weapons, perks and killstreaks.
6. lower the price of DLC and release it on all platforms at same time
7. Fire Bobboy Dicklick
8. Fire 420 lame ass
9. develop new game modes
10.invest more time in map designs

KillerBBs2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Hit detection:
Black Ops is unplayable.
and get rid of stabbing. No more cutting my shoe laces while I'm unloading rounds from my ak to your face... honestly, who bring a knife to a gun fight aka FPS.

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StanLee2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

All Modern Warfare 3 has do do is be released on time. Plain as simple. There were 600,000 unique users playing Black Ops this weekend; 120,000 playing Modern Warfare 2; 11,000 playing Modern Warfare and 10,000 still playing World at War. Regardless of its inability to innovate, you already know what you're getting with Modern Warfare 3 and being safe is responsible for its growing success. You're getting more guns, more maps, a few new perks. I was playing this weekend and most people were like, "yeah, we're trying to prestige and get ready for Modern Warfare 3." This is last year all over again when BFBC2 was being hyped to death and Black Ops was being written off as the demise of the Call of Duty franchise and then it went out and outsold Modern Warfare 2. Let the media and keep hyping BF3, it just wont matter.

stu8882662d ago

its true, at least on the consoles.

StankyChicken2661d ago

In reality, BC2 was by far the better game. It may have not sold as much as COD, but thats a given because any game with the title COD in it will sell millions. Now don't get me wrong, i enjoy both series, but i learned my lesson with BO that all the COD series is now is a essentially an expansion pack priced at $60. COD's better safe than sorry formula may have worked the past few years, but people are starting to realize they aren't getting anything new and fresh to keep then purchasing year after year. And the media has a reason to hype this game.... I don't know what game youve been looking at, but BF3 is shaping up to be this years best shooter.

Blaze9292661d ago

Beat? Beat in what? Sales, review scores? If sales, let's be real, BF3 won't beat MW3 in sales.

Trunkz Jr2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

#2 Dedicated servers is a must, why should this even be in question, the fact that it is just shows you how horrible they have become to the FPS genre.

#3 you should NEVER charge ANY FPS player a monthly fee of any type, thats one of the great things of FPS, you buy the game and you play the crap out of it.

#4 no amount of match types will help, because no matter what type of mode it is, there will always be cod campers waiting for you to walk down their pathway.

Kee2662d ago

"#4 no amount of match types will help, because no matter what type of mode it is, there will always be cod campers waiting for you to walk down their pathway."

I've been thinking about that and I've come up with a solution. How about a section on the player card that counts the percentage of time you spend staying still and then gives you a camper rating depending on how much time you've spent doing it. Time spent in the pause menu will not count.
So it will show up on their player card:
Camper rating- 59% - Regular camper.
That way we can see campers a mile away and choose not to play with them.

Liquid_Ocelot2662d ago

Then most snipers would get a camper rating when they're simply doing their job, same thing with the support guys and they guys that are being suppressed.

That's just my opinion though.

Kee2662d ago

Snipers gonna camp, that's what they do.
And.. there are no support guys in call of duty.
And... you don't get suppressed in call of duty, you kill, you die, you respawn, you do it again.

You die really quickly if you run into a guy in call of duty and don't kill him. You will not have time to run behind cover and hide while he's shooting at you.

PhoenixDevil2662d ago

Unfortunately in terms of sales it only needs to do one thing, be called Call Of Duty

Quality is a different matter and hopefully Battlefield will be praised on its quality

Mario4life2662d ago

I honestly thought cod was beaten before it was announced lol

trainsinrdr2662d ago

Saleswise they've already beaten it.
Simple as that.

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