Consoles: a white Christmas?

So the holidays are coming. And don't we all hate black equipment? That's so 1980's!

To go all white, what's the wisest thing to do?

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Bigmac5734862d ago

The worst website ever created by a human?

AllroundGamer4861d ago

you call TheMart a human?? interesting... :)

TheXgamerLive4862d ago

In fact the ALL WHITE equipment sounds great, it will look more high tech, more modern, it stands out more and looks great in my white and seafoam green living room.

Biphter4861d ago

They all go piss yellow with age. Saying that I still love my Dreamcast even if it looks like its pissed its pants ;)

Daytona4861d ago

Remember when everyone wanted things to be all oak colored, then all blonde oak colored then all black colored, well now it's a white colored.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4861d ago

It's called a wash cloth? you know you use it to clean house sometimes. A broom and mop works to, for the other parts of your house.

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wageslave4861d ago

Black electronics look like 1970's stereos, nondescript and outdated.

White electronics look like a colour chosen *other* than the default, it shows that a choice was made. It stands out as unique.

wageslave4861d ago

Lame: (1 hour ago)
xboxkings = biased simple and obvious
Lame: (3 hours ago)
racist conotations?
Lame: (6 hours ago)
XBOX Kings is a joke of a site lol
Reported by: Bigmac573
Other: (6 hours ago)
Im reporting this simply because its will end up as no more than fanboy bait.

Look at all the abuse of the reporting system. How sad. The SDF doesnt like it, so they try and bury it.

Biphter4861d ago

So I agree so far. But the new black is Piano black. Its just annoying keeping it clean looking.

wageslave, 70's electronics was mostly made with chrome and Wood. That look was about again in a mimiced fashion about 5 years ago. The black thing is the mid 80's to mid 90's period. But there is a big difference now, shiny and rounded compared to matt and square of the 80's and 90's.

My Shiny black PS3 And Shiny Black Samsung TV Look great sat on my pure white living room wall. The only problem is i've developed a compulsive disorder. I am constantly wiping them down with a lint free cloth (that came free with the TV). The slightest marks show up like a beacon.

As I said above, the problem with White is that after a few years (no matter how hard you try to keep them out of the sun and smoke free) White plastic yellows. I've tried all sorts of things to bring my beautiful Dreamcast back to its original colour, and nothing works (not even soaking the casing overnight in mild bleach as alot of people suggested from the days back with PC Engine). It depends on the plastic quality overall, but generally internal heat will make that sexy white thing look a bit old and mukky eventually.

RiceFiend4861d ago

"racist connotations?"

lol, that's exactly what I was thinking. The writer's use of words does seem like a big indicator that the comments are a bit racist. Whether or not this true or if this was not deliberate is debatable.

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cow moolester4862d ago

That title goes to Sony Defense force...but this may come in a close second

gta_cb4861d ago

i havnt been on that website, but i do know that Xboxkings is a good place to hang out, even if you just want to chat, or even challenge someone to a match on a game.

JasonX434861d ago

This message is probably endorsed by your local chapter of the KKK.

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