Project Gotham Racing 4: PlayTM Review

PlayTM writes: " Other than the truly sumptuous graphics and those motorbikes, the most immediately noticeable thing is the new 'career' mode. Pitching players headlong into a full campaign of racing, this mode at last provides PGR with a consistent core around which the rest of the events can hang like so much optional decoration."

"The driving in all modes of PGR4 seems to have had an extra injection of fun, even when the sun is shining and the birds are singing. The point of an arcade racing game is to provide thrills and entertainment and the repositioning of the game modes along with the blistering pace and bountiful eye candy conspire to make PGR4 just about the most fun I've had since Rallisport Challenge 2. Which, as far as this reviewer is concerned, is the highest praise I can offer. Bizarre have ironed out a few of the rough edges to ensure this opinion holds firm. For example, the corners are much easier to anticipate thanks to them being a lot less prone to popping into view 1/5th of a second before the braking point".

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crazydriver4872d ago

I just love this game! great graphics and great fun.
Ive played many racing games on various consoles , but this is just pure fun!:)

socomnick4872d ago

The graphics are amazing on this game its the only game he thinks has better car graphics than grand turismo.

kevin360uk4491d ago

Started playing PGR4 again, graphically amazing. Everything just right. Why did Microsoft not buy Bizarre Creations !!!