Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am: a GoozerNation Review of Dungeon Siege III

It’s really very difficult to compare Dungeon Siege III to another game. Sure, most people will say Baldur’s Gate, but that really doesn’t do it justice. The thing is, Dungeon Siege III is a rather unique experience. It’s an RPG, with no real emphasis on ranking up or equipping the best armor, weapons or spells. It has a single player mode, but you’ll find it’s darn near impossible to defeat bosses, unless you’re on the easiest difficulty and you’re an ace gamer. It’s an action game, but with multiple plot lines. It’s story driven, but you can jump in and out of available multiplayer games that are in different points in the plot. So, what exactly is Dungeon Siege III?

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Basjohn2663d ago

Eh? I beat every boss in singleplayer and normal difficulty and I assure you I am not an ace-player BY ANY MEANS AT ALL.

Tough true but nothing that the fact that your AI ally can revive you doesn't balance out.