FPS Week: Call of Duty – From Humble Roots to Hollywood

The Call of Duty series has gone from almost a blip on the FPS radar to this years biggest blockbuster, with each consecutive title outstripping the years biggest films in terms of revenue, and constantly breaking pre-order and purchase records around the world. Utilising an, extremely tired, tried and tested formula how has such a title with humble origins gone on to become the powerhouse of the FPS genre, knocking off Medal of Honor and Halo from the public top spot.

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ShadyDevil2754d ago

Call Of Duty is just insane. The game can be so overhyped at times.

Sinterfire2754d ago

As overhyped as it may be but it's still a fun and easy game. I like the MW CoDs. I like the Hollywood action. It's good for one play-through.

newleaf2754d ago

lol how fitting that this story was submitted by R4MBO

bumnut2754d ago

I preferred it when it was at the 'humble roots' stage, it was a serious shooter and was miles ahead of other games at the time.

Not into all the kill streaks and zombie mode junk of recent cod games.

blackhammer2754d ago

The first two Call of Duty's were certainly my favorites. CoD 4 is just below them.

All the others sequals are buried underground, below the ashes of Ninja Gaiden and Resident Evil 5.

"Call of Duty: Black Ops is an entirely fictional entry into the series set during the Cold War. Pitched originally as a historical entry into the game not a single section of the game is based in realistic events, even within the covert black operations that supposedly went on."

Not entirely accurate.