Incredible GTA IV Screenshots Released

A fan of the GTA IV game called DeadEndThrills has released some incredible looking screenshots of the game.

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Hitman07692662d ago

Can't wait to see how GTA5 turns out.

lelo2play2662d ago

If they release GTA5 for this generation of consoles, unfortunately it won't look as good as these screenshots or the video below.

Army_of_Darkness2662d ago

If it was a ps3 exclusive, Im sure its possible.

lelo2play2662d ago

If it was a PC exclusive... it would have those graphics.

TheKayle2662d ago

if it was an exclusive of playstation it was worst then pc version like all the others :)

ardivt2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

reminds me of this video:

TheBeast2662d ago

o.o dies of pure awesomeness.

FragMnTagM2662d ago

I modded mine with that last night and man does it look good. It looks just like in that video. The IcenHancer looks awesome.

kudakadere2662d ago

i wish console's had mods too but then again that encourages piracy like every other good thing that they miss out on .

tdrules2662d ago

entertain me.
how do mod tools encourage piracy?

kudakadere2662d ago

I never said they do , i'am saying that's what companies like MS seem to think . It's sort of the same reason why they didn't want cross platform gaming to Pc's.

MidnytRain2662d ago

How many GTA IV mods are we going to keep approving? I still don't see how this passes through a dozen times.

drsfinest722662d ago

it does not look realistic just because of the saturated sky filled with stars.. anyone who lives in nyc knows that you dont see stars just because theres too many lights.

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