Rumor: Fall Update adds new family timer

According to a post made by JasonX1 over on the forums, he spotted some potential Fall Update facts on the back of his recently purchased Guitar Hero III keychain. More specifically, the keychain text hints at a new family timer and reads ...

Family Timer
- A simple tool that lets you manage how much time your kids spend on their Xbox 360.
- Manage time in daily or weekly increments. Easy for parent to suspend or add time.
- Available in December 2007 only through Xbox Live.

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ElementX4867d ago

I think it's a good idea. I mean, I would spend ALL WEEKEND gaming when I was younger. I suppose some children do game too much and this is a good tool to help combat that.

power of Green 4867d ago

Kind of an good idea?. Man thats the sh*t!!!. Great feature for parents.

Dec!!! for what the game or the Update? :(

fenderputty4867d ago

in keeping people like Jack Thompson out of the industries hair is good for us all.

djt234867d ago

lol lol parents are going to manage they child time

anyway do you really think parents are going to use these feature

ArmrdChaos4867d ago

If they are invovled in their children's lives they would.

In the case of parents that use TV/video games as a baby sitter then probably not...which is a shame.

Close_Second4867d ago

Cause I do and I think this type of thing is great. Using a games console is a privilege not a right. If you're child does all their homework and jobs round the house then there is nothing wrong with rewarding them with time playing games (if they want to that is).

Its not healthy to be stuck playing games hour on hour anyway.

Darkiewonder4867d ago

That look at what their kids play?

wageslave4867d ago

Uhm, yes. I feel sorry for you if you actually believe that.

Darkiewonder4867d ago

It was question O.o

I did not claim or say parents do or do not watch what their kids play.

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The story is too old to be commented.