Deep Black - In search of a Publisher

DSOGaming writes: "Biart Studio seeks a publisher for their newest title Deep Black, via the video game auction site Originally known as U-Wars, Deep Black is a Sci-fi 3rd person shooter with detailed action-packed underwater combats that earned a 8/10 from SpieleRadar."

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Inside_out2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

This game looks interesting...kinda like Deadspace/Gears of war underwater.

This would be a nice addition to any platform...tho, I think M$ would want something with multi-player for the XBL-centric 360.

They would have to clean up the camera angle/movements for the consoles since that PC choppiness would give people convulsions of a 40+ inch screen.

BeastlyRig2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

WOW!! I like!

It's like Gears of Water!

BreakNeckSpeed2665d ago

They should make it into a PSN/XBLA title instead. It looks like a blatant rip-off of Dead space and Gears of war.