OnLive: 'Xbox and PS3 can't match us for value'

Forget Wii U: fancy playing the hottest new RPG at home 'til bedtime, then levelling up a little more on the train to work in the morning? That's the dream - and OnLive swears it's not far off.

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BeastlyRig2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

I like Homefront & Borderlands on onlive but sometimes it lags.. But I have to say their prices are sometimes the same as steam.

Oh yeah this is about 360/ps3 sorry..

pangitkqb2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

I've spent far more time Playing my PS3, 360 and Steam than OnLive, but I have recently been enjoying the service. OnLive gave me a free game and for $10 a month I also have unlimited access to a large list of games.

I'll always still purchase games for my PC and Consoles, but streaming them has worked better than I imagined it would.

Lastly, and arguably most importantly, the idea of streaming full hardcore games to my tablet or even cell phone is tantalizing.

dantesparda2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Hm, so the video quality is low. That sucks! Plus lag! And their settings are low! Screw that!

edit: replied to the wrong comment/post

BeOneWithTheGun2662d ago

What is the resolution? Im not playing a game that is 720p on consoles in 480i just so i can do so one the bus.

Active Reload2661d ago

People really need to switch to cable internet and get off of dsl. Cable internet is basically 2nd tier FIOS internet and about 75% cheaper. The resolution for Onlive, I personally get 720i sometimes 720p. The latency is still there but minimal because I've upgraded my routers and such. Onlive is a perfect rental system though because of the instant gaming it provides. The problem is, there isn't a ton of games on the service, so it wouldn't be someone's dedicated way of gaming.

Masta_fro2661d ago

you know...

the concept is cool and all...but what about us in third world countries with 1.5/768 Mb/s connection speeds?

Surely eventually internet speeds will be good enough...but soon? nah...

Livin_in_a_box2661d ago


While I agree that it won't be available (or viable at least) in 3rd world countries soon, I don't think that is OnLive's target audience. There's not much OnLive can really do to help seeing as it is quite intensive.

I'm on a 1MB/s line here in the UK and I don't think this will be good enough to stream 720p games here at home, and the UK is far from a 3rd world country.

pangitkqb2661d ago

I'm on a 50 Meg/second connection (which is rare). OnLive looks great and responds amazingly at those speeds.

It doesn't replace traditional PC gaming, but is a reasonable alternative distribution method, especially to those gaming on a serious budget.

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SilentNegotiator2662d ago

There prices tend to match up with PS3/360 games, so.....what value? You pay the same. And don't give me BS about not having to spend on the hardware, because the hardware is in a completely separate league; Onlive is laggy, the video stream quality is low, you get input lag and the graphics are put on lower settings.

HebrewHammer2662d ago

Out of curiosity, does OnLive support an overarching entitlement system like Trophies on PlayStation and Achievements on Xbox360?

turnerdc2662d ago


Yes, OnLive has achievements.


I've never had any of those issues and the video stream is very good. It streams at 720p (the resolution most PS3 and 360 games are at).

dantesparda2662d ago

Just cuz the res is 720 doesnt mean its good. The video quality is shitty, Alot of Youtube videos look better than Onlive's video quality. Its too compressed

turnerdc2661d ago


I digress with your opionon on the video quality. I use OnLive on my 55 inch and the quality is very good. Is it perfect? No. Is it "shitty" as some people have said? No. If you haven't seen the game stream from the microconsole then I highly suggest checking it out. The quality is noticably better than the application used on the PC and Mac.

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ABizzel12662d ago

OnLive is a great idea and Concept, it's just America's ISP aren't up to par with what OnLive needs. Most games work, but there is lag in most of them as well. Not generally game breaking, but I couldn't imagine playing a game like Enslaved on OnLive.

I think OnLive is a great way for the console developers to stop rental services like Gamefly, Blockbuster (who still goes there), and newcomer Redbox from cutting into their sales. If you have OnLive integrated into your UI then there's no need for them to go else where to rent or play games, but at the same time this may cut into actual sales of games. Maybe make it like PS+ Game trails. You can't unlock trophies or achievements until after you purchase the game, or prevent players from going online in online games.

I don't know these are just ideas feel free to chime in, but OnLive is great, it's just ISP's aren't really up to par, except maybe Verizon and Google's new service that's coming soon. If there's any others be sure to let me know.

Livin_in_a_box2661d ago

Aren't there areas in America with 1GB/s lines or something similar?

Here in the UK the Internet is typically a lot worse than in America, so OnLive doesn't have much chance until ISP's in general improve their speeds.

BrutallyBlunt2662d ago

I have seen their selection on OnLive and to be honest it's nothing to write home about. The pricing of unlocking the full games are also not that great. The only real value I see is the monthly bundle but the games included are older ones.

Both the Playstation Network and XBOX Live have a far better selection and unique games that OnLive simply doesn't offer.

egidem2662d ago

OnLive is good, but it's just not yet ready for the mainstream. Some people would have latency/lag issues, and this wouldn't play well with FPS lovers. Overall it's a superb service. They just need to work on cutting down the bit of lag.

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DA_SHREDDER2662d ago

Onlive is great, but it just doesn't have enough AAA games to justify a purchase, though they got a killer deal right now, get the micro console and controller for free if you buy Dues Ex 2, and there is value all round, but unless it can get more big games like Battlefield 3 I don't ever see this any succeed any more than it has so far.

dantesparda2662d ago

Why is nobody mentioning the horrible video quality? Am i the only one seeing it?

Heartnet2662d ago

No your the only one who cares enough to troll about it -_-

BeOneWithTheGun2662d ago

@heartnet. How can u troll graphic? They are 50% of a game with gameplay being the other 50%. I am not going to play battlefield 3 in 480i just to have slightly more accesability. When i game its on a 60 inch dlp tv and i am sitting in a leather recliner with 6.1 dts surround sound. That is not exaclty a setup i can take to the park

Rynx2662d ago

I can't wait till SONY and MS comes out with their own cloud streaming service and buries OnLive. I do firmly believe that the cloud is the future of gaming, but OnLive sure as hell won't be mainstays in the industry. OnLive just reminds me too much of that "Phantom" console that tried to get all their games on that system. While OnLive might have succeeded where Phantom failed (actually launching) it will not stand a chance once MS, SONY and eventually Nintendo enter that market.

ZugZug II2662d ago

Why wouldn't it stand a chance against MS and Sony? It is way cheaper and is perfect for people who like to play a game on occasion. And that is a large target market.

SweatyFlorida2662d ago

Because Sony/MS/Nintendo have a MUCH larger fanbase and loyal following. It's all brand recognition, and would surely crush Onlive if they entered that mode.

I suggest OnLive be quiet and enjoy what they have for right now, because if they provoke those other companies then, well, OnDead :p

news4geeks2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

I think we're still a long way off cloud gaming. I think next gen xbox/playstation will provide an optional DD service similar to steam and will probably have a 1TB hdd. We are half way there already.

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MysticStrummer2662d ago

When I think of my favorite games this generation, more than half are PS3 exclusives, so no thanks.