Tales of Xillia New Game Features & [email protected] 2 DLC Costumes

There is a 4-page spread about Tales of Xillia in this month's issue of Famitsu magazine which talks about a new feature in the game and [email protected] 2 DLC costumes for characters Milla, Leia and Elise.

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Ikram2663d ago

Isn't this on the 360?

Cloudberry2663d ago

However, the [email protected] series IP belong to Bandai Namco Games.

This is just how Bandai Namco Games adding their own costume DLCs from their other owned titles.

Redempteur2663d ago

idolmaster exist on the psp and the nintendo DS too .

skynidas2663d ago

Tales od Xillia, I have heard some great things about the Tales series, I wonder if these are coming to the US, or Europe.

Simon_Brezhnev2663d ago

same here but stupid Scamco wont bring it over here.

BubbleSniper2663d ago

get Tales of Phantasia for SNES or PSX. the game is a masterpiece.

stickskills2663d ago

Thought it was on 360 as well?

Redempteur2663d ago

Xillia will be a PS3 exclusive.. the game was built for the ps3 and namco won't make a 360 version that won't sell.

what's more vesperia PS3 and graces F PS3 destroyed the competition in terms of sales ...this is over for this gen ..namco won't look back .

Tdmd2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

And they still wont localize it... what a bunch of idiots. :/

Redempteur2662d ago

i predict that abyss 3ds will bomb in sales and that graces F will be forgotten.

Now Graces F should sell enough for xillia to come.

it's sad but it's the most likely scénario