XCOM Developer Shuns Hardcore PC Origins

360 Magazine: XCOM narrative director Jordan Thomas tells 360 Magazine about one of the more controversial changes to the game.

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tdrules2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

most developers shun hardcore PC origins sadly.
because why make unique gameplay and style when you can skin a generic first person shooter.

also I will laugh wholeheartedly when they inevitably announce multiplayer that mirrors call of duty with xp popping up in the middle of the screen when you kill someone.

zootang2660d ago

There is always that same elephant in the room when talking about PC gaming, piracy.

tdrules2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

an elephant that no one knows the weight of.
meanwhile Steam is making developers a shitload more than retail does per game.

bumnut2660d ago

The rest of the xcom games were pc only and did ok, piracy was even easier back then too.

Theonetheonly2660d ago

im not sure how this shuns the pc?

it just has no perma death.

Dailynch2660d ago

CoD style multiplayer? You know for sure they'll try something like it and then claim they're exploiting the unique world and its rules to create something new.

Dailynch2660d ago

Honestly, I don't care that they've removed some of the harder elements of the original game. It's not ten years ago (i'm pretty sure) and they wouldn't work properly in today's genres anyway.

BeastlyRig2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Well since it's a fps now I don't care.. Dice did't shun us so It's all good..

Basically since strategy is really bad with a controller they just made a complete different game?

I wouldn't even care if this wasn't coming to pc! But that's just my opinion.

Make it a kinect game if you want I will play other the 100 strategy games on pc!

This not not like when we could get any game and feel good about a port pc has games son..

caseh2660d ago

Wait, they've made it an FPS? :/

LightofDarkness2660d ago

Yep, I was hoping for something along the lines of Full Spectrum Warrior with aliens, but yet here we are.

caseh2660d ago

Shame really, the fact that your troops could die was a good aspect of the original.

Using the low level scrubs in your squad to lure out the beasties is the way forwards. If they survive great they level up, if not its no big deal. More where they came from. :D

Biglet2660d ago

I don't think you can compare new XCOM to a traditional FPS. It's closer to Bioshock (obviously, being 2K Marin) and driven by long-term strategy, rather than pure shooting ability. Not at all like CoD or Battlefield.

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The story is too old to be commented.