The Battle Our Industry Faces: Mainstream Accessibility Versus Fanbase Appeasement


"The year is now 2011, and more often than not I find myself thinking, “What the hell has happened?”

"I look at the newest Hitman title, and it’s a cover-based shooter with autosaves and regenerating health.

"I look at any new FPS, and it’s brown with bloom exploding all over the place.

"Our industry has changed throughout this generation; fingers are not being pointed at anyone in particular.

"It’s everyone that’s causing the problem."

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Proeliator2665d ago

Spot on article.

I can't stand what's happening to good games like Hitman...

Captain Tuttle2664d ago

XBLA and PSN are full of those great "middle ground" titles that the author fears are going away. Open your mind son.

MidnytRain2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

The reason those games are online in the first place is because Sony and Microsoft know those games wouldn't be as profitable at retail in the form of physical copies, so they release them on their networks. He still has a point, in a way.

zerocrossing2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

You know the worst thing is when developers pull the "We're making it more accessible to newcomers" card, What they really mean is "Were going to butcher your favourite franchise in hopes that we can sell more copys " We want innovation not dumbing down.

gaminoz2664d ago

We as gamers have to support titles beyond MW3 if we want diversity and core gaming. Too often we whinge about those big commercial titles that are there for the mainstream and then we buy it too instead of other more core gamer experiences.