Kenshi Blindly Stumbles Into Mortal Kombat Today as a DLC Character

Despite being significantly visually impaired, the latest combatant to join the Mortal Kombat crew is a formidable entity. You may recognise him, and his trademark Kinetic moves, from previous incarnations in the series, but Kenshi was left out at the sidelines when this year's Mortal Kombat reboot shipped. Never fear though as the blind warrior is striking back as he's arriving, as of today, as a downloadable character.

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MachoMoustachio2661d ago

$4.99 for one character?

Ha, fuck that.

frozzenfire2661d ago

How many characters do u want to buy anyways? seems reasonable to me...

GetoverHere1222660d ago

It's a small price to pay for..MORTAL KOMBAT!!!

ivanjp18822661d ago

let's see....u pay:

kenshi-99 cents
fatality 1- 99 cents
fatality 2- 99 cents
noobs classic alt- 99 cents
smokes classic alt- 99 cents (cuz nothing is ever free)
so there u go, and machomoustachio. ull probably gonna be the first one to buy it.

honestpizza2661d ago

I know I'll buy it... I'm a sucker for new Mortal Kombat characters. They go stale so fast that a new one is a welcome addition to the cast.

DanielComfort2661d ago

Love this guy's fatalities. Toss your sword, then toss a man into that sword. Lovely.

Quagmire2661d ago

Lmfao, sounds like a bad Chuck Norris joke.

"He doesnt throw his sword at people, he throws people at his sword!"

But anyways, Kenshi is one BAMF

GetoverHere1222660d ago

I want whoever's job it is to make those up