Majority of UK are gamers, claims new research

Taking a more measured approach, a new report from games market research firm Newzoo has claimed that 52 percent of UK nationals are now active gamers. That's around 31 million of the 60 million people in the population.

And despite what you hear about smartphone and tablet growth, consoles remain the most lucrative platforms with about £1.6 billion spent in the console gaming sector in 2011, the research says.

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maniac762754d ago

most consoles bought by people on benefits

MrSpace2754d ago

Wonder why...

Oh yeah because our country is soft as shit

hiredhelp2754d ago

What about the people who have disabilites or longterm sickness. You ppl judge too quick. There are many that claim and dont need too i agree. But thoes ppl, give thoes who really are in need a bad name. So next time when you comment on people on benefits. Please dont write like that.
Yes i have been struck off since age 17 hit by a car.

Kee2754d ago

And how many of them buy ONE game every year? Call of duty or fifa.

Buying those games is fine, just don't call yourself a gamer if that is ALL you play.

Morbius4202753d ago

why? aren't those games too?

Kee2753d ago

Yes they are games. But there is a big difference between someone who has played a game before and a gamer.
'Gamer' implies that it is something they do regularly and have an interest in.

Example sentence- I am a gamer.
I have played a game.

Other example (to prove it works)- I am Bob's worker.
I have worked with Bob.

You see how they're very different. Having worked with bob (one time deal) is very different from being bob's worker (actually being employed by bob for regular work).

I know it's painfully simple, the way I've broken it down, but it sticks for gaming.

Playing a game (Implies 1 time) is so very different from being a gamer (Constantly playing or thinking about games).

That is my point, good sir. They are games. But buying one game a year is not enough to justify giving someone the title of "gamer".