Your Favorite Game Sucks: The Trouble With Video Game Journalism

Some games are heavily hyped by publishers, developers, and even console makers. When a reviewer is constantly exposed to spin and positive statements about a game, it colors his impressions dramatically. The corresponding review scores are accordingly inflated. The game's marketing affects what is supposed to be an objective measure of a game's quality. We buy the game largely as a result of these impressions and reviews and only realize after the marketing has subsided that we may have been duped.

Games journalism, in its current state, is largely a shill for moving product. It's either an industry that is so reliant on staying in the good graces of publishers that they sacrifice journalistic integrity, or phlegmatic enough that it is an unwitting branch of a publisher's PR.

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DethWish4872d ago

Read the review.. don't care about the score

Only kids does !!

Maddens Raiders4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

I Digg this.

[edit/] Wrong Xi. I digg it because it's a good article that states the truth and sheds light on a broken segment of the industry (reviews+publishers+money= scores & job). Since you were so quick to accuse me and defend Halo, I'd say that the article is "spot on."

Xi4872d ago

if it diggs on halo you're going to approve it, it's who you are.

bootsielon4872d ago

Should ring enough bells

malingenie4872d ago

Too bad the guy is a redneck with a triforce tattoo

IGNFTW4872d ago


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