The Indie Games Summer Uprising is upon us

The Indie Games Summer Uprising is upon us!

Taking note of the commercial and critical success of the Indie Game Uprising last winter, Xbox Live’s Independent developers have banded together yet again to promote some of the most outstanding pieces of work which best represent their platform. Immediately following Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade, gamers will have the opportunity to play some of the greatest titles to grace the platform.

The goal is clear: Just as the previous uprising had successfully done, we (XBLIG developers) are raising consumer awareness of the platform by showcasing some of the most creative diverse titles which the service has to offer. We (XBLIG developers) will be releasing a total of 8 developer voted titles, each day of the business week, Monday Aug 22nd – Wednesday Aug 31st.

Community input is requested! In addition to the developer selected titles, the gaming community will have the opportunity to vote for their two favorite candidates from the...

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Blues Cowboy2663d ago


The Winter Uprising was immense - and now it's time to bring it home and demonstrate that the Xbox Live Indie marketplace is the 360's major unique selling point. Can't wait for August 22nd.

thebudgetgamer2662d ago

my favorite part of owning a 360.

shooting models is so fun and addicting.

MasterBlud2663d ago

Really excited to see all entrants

maniacmayhem2662d ago

Everyone who own a 360 should check out and support the indie games.

There are some really good games on there. I own a few, my fave is Tempura of the Dead.

There are some very interesting and diverse games on there And cheap too.

Deeke2660d ago

Tempura of the Dead is AWESOME, I love it quite a bit. Nothing says a great Indie game like juggling zombie heads!

Deeke2660d ago

This is great! Looking forward to doing what I can to help out and the submissions are awesome, it's going to be hard narrowing down 60+ titles and choosing the best of the best especially since most of them are impressive in their own way.

Going to be a great event and this is a fantastic event for Indie Game devs, journalists and gamers alike :D