Death By Robots - Preview: Uncharted 3 (Multiplayer Beta) – Chris’ thoughts

Chris Hartnup @ DBR writes: The future is looking bright for Sony in the last week or so. A strong showing at E3 and the PSN troubles seeming like nothing more then a bad day at the office and we find ourselves at the beginning of July, and with it we find ourselves in Uncharted territory. While you chuckle away at that coy play on words I’ll recap for whomever maybe late to this particular article.

Uncharted 3′s multiplayer beta launched on June 28th with enough content to satisfy even the most eager fans. The beta is open to anyone with a Playstation Plus account or a copy of Infamous 2. If you’re desperate to play, don’t bother picking up Infamous 2 unless you really want it, as everyone should have a Playstation Plus account thanks to the ‘Welcome Back’ package from Sony. If you’ve been interested in the Uncharted series over the last few years there is now a free way to find out what the latest iteration of the multiplayer is like at least.

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