Epic: Gamers take Gears of War’s graphics for granted

According to Gears of War executive producer Rod Fergusson, gamers have become so accustomed to the series’ advanced visual finesse that they now take it for granted.

“That was one of our biggest problems with Gears 1 to Gears 2,” he explained. “Your memory is far better than reality. When I was a kid, Gilligan’s Island was the funniest show on television. When you watch Gilligan’s Island now, it’s just plain terrible.”

When creating Gears 2, he said, the team wasn’t just having to improve on the graphics of the original, but on what players remembered the original to look like. And even reviewers complained at the lack of improvements.

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Inside_out4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

The gaming media is to blame for this travesty. When Gears came out it shocked and awe...


Gears of war 2 improved on everything...


Gears 3, especially the lighting and smoke have raised the bar even higher...



Gears, much like Halo, are a well known commodity. People just expect greatness and it's like yeah, yeah, it's amazing...have you seen angry birds???...WoW...o_0

Single player, 4 player story based co-op, Horde mode with new beast mode, award winning multi-player, NEW weapons, NEW enemies, NEW engine, NEW EVERYTHING and people are like indifferent...lol.

It's unfortunate that the game has been leaked. I'm not sure how it will effect sales but a big budget game like this needs all the sales it can generate.

kalebgray924474d ago

while i have to say they have improved their graphics... its just a time where no one can be top dog even for a few months... the only 2 games that actaully hold their graphical king status is crysis 1... even though 2 looks better its not like how crysis 1 was... and the uncharted series... gears 1 is what made me buy my first next gen console but 2 and 3 just is meh to me... final fantasy versus xiii though will be the last graphical king before ps4 and xbox 720 mark my words

shikamaroooo4474d ago

Did I just hear pherr3d say gears had better graphics then uncharted.... people need to grow up

Active Reload4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

Gears 3 does have better graphics than UC3...



Pause that video at 1:36...Amazing xD

It's ok, YOU still have time to grow, lol. UC3 hasn't made a significant leap in graphics to be able to claim the throne. I heard they're making a new engine though to fix that.

XabiDaChosenOne4474d ago

@Active Reload what is up with the denial? Not only is the uncharted 3 beta an old build
but it still looks better than gears of war 3
Stop lying to yourself!!

Arnon4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

By far I'd rate the Gears 3 beta to be more visually appealing than the Uncharted 3 beta based on those shots.

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MrSpace4474d ago


Please man shut the hell up

Everytime you post it's defending Gears of War, bashing the PS3 or defending Microsoft in general. The sad part is you write these long posts to do just that.

Honestly Gears 3 dosen't have the best graphics, Uncharted 3 does and if you want to come back at me and shove Gears 3 pre order sales in my face then be my guest because preorder/sales don't mean shit

BrutallyBlunt4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

Maybe because this topic is about Gears of War? Is there anything is the article that even talks about the Playstation 3? Epic also makes PC games too you know and the PC is much more powerful than the Playstation 3. Not sure why Playstation 3 owners need to be here other than this site is run by Playstation 3 owners.

That person has not gotten a ton of disagrees, who do you think they are from, Playstation 3 owners? No, couldn't be.

EVILDEAD3604474d ago

@ Mr. Space..why don't you follow your own advice and shut up and stop trop trolling.

The article has nothing to do with Uncharted 3 and that is actually a great reply to the article by Inside Out.

It is the truth about the smear of Gear 2 when it dropped..the haters were screaming Gears 1.5 and never played the game once. I remeber playing the first couple of levels and screaming holy $%&# what drugs are these haters on.

I also used to say how Uncharted is completely different game..it's a single player campaign where navigating (platforming) the gorgeous eye-popping environments are the star of the show and the rest is shooting a bunch of henchman.

Where Gears is co-op campaign from jump (Gears 3 is a 4-player co-op) and not only were the environments beautiful.you were fighting city eating Giant worms and ridiculousy huge creatures as well as fighting hordes of brutal monstrosities.

Both games do what they do best..Epic again is asolutely right..people took Gears 2 graphics for granted..not me


JokesOnYou4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

lol, Mr Space he's in a Gears topic, on topic and adding to this news about Gears, OMG shocking isn't it! yet here you are attacking him and then ranting about UC3, nowhere did I see him mention UC3, why so threatened?

xPhearR3dx4474d ago

Sorry MrSpace but I'm going to say Gears of War 3 has better graphics than Uncharted 3.

Motorola4474d ago

^ LOL nope. Gears 3 is pretty but It cant beat Uncharted 3. No way.

xPhearR3dx4474d ago


LOL yup. I've played both and Uncharted 3 looks more like a step down from Uncharted 2. Gears 3 has better texture work, and the lighting in both games are pretty similar.

Ron_Danger4474d ago

Uncharted 3 in 3D is crazy though... I'm level 22 right now in the beta and although I admit that the difference between U2 and U3 graphically is questionable, playing it in 3D is a game changer... It's something you just have to see for yourself... It's so much better than any 3D movie (or other 3D game for that matter)

omi25p4474d ago

why the hell are you in a gears of war artical saying that uncharted is better.
Then moaning at him saying he always praises gears in a GEARS Artical. Shut the f*ck up your a hipocrite that some how manage to p*ss me off every time you write a comment

Arnon4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

Very level headed comment. I've played both as well, and Uncharted 3's graphics compared to 2 are very questionable. Judging from ACTUAL experience (since most on here haven't had that), I've rated Gears of War 3's beta to be more visually stunning.

However, the single player will be a different story, but that applies to both games. If the trend continues, I might rate Gears above Uncharted 3, but I'd be surprised if I did.

I will say this though. With the addition of 3D and Uncharted's notoriously good animations, it will look fantastic.

HeavenlySnipes4474d ago

UC3 doesn't look better than Gears 3 from the BETA. The fact that the SP gameplay of UC looks 100x better than the beta shows you the beta is nothing close.







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firemassacre4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

inside out what the hell are you trying to prove? you seem desperate to defend gears...wonder why ;) you seem insecure about its graphics. ;)

zootang4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

What's funny is Killzone and UC take crap about them being corridor games yet Gears is more corridor than both and it still looks worse.

firemassacre4474d ago

dont say that, you will upset alot of people

lategamer4474d ago

What's funny is that 360 has games that look just as well as the PS3, but PS3 fanboys think Uncharted and Killzone look better than everything else.

What's funny is that Gears throws tons of enemies at the player, play Horde mode and you'll see ton of AI on screen with 3 other players.

What's funny is that Uncharted looks meh in multiplayer, yet fanboys think "it's the best looking game!"

What's funny is that instead of just playing games and having fun, people have to whine and debate there game has more pixels or more post processing effects, when PC games like Crysis and Battlefield destroy them.

Amaterasu54474d ago

What's funny is that god of war 3 owns everything else (EVIL LAUGH) and UC3 AND KZ3 as well :P

Gray-Fox-Type04474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

Gears Of War 3 is looking like a graphical beast. Ill be sure to pick this up first day and also Uncharted 3 best of both :D Uncharted 3 campaign I just can't wait looks amazing! The bit Drake hanging from the cargo plane..O...M....DSS how does this guy do this lol

JokesOnYou4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

"Gears, much like Halo, are a well known commodity. People just expect greatness and it's like yeah, yeah, it's amazing...have you seen angry birds???...WoW...o_0"

lmfao, that was funny, but yeah I agree, Gears2 looked amazing, I don't think people intentionally downplayed how great it looked I think its just a natural *non-reaction, because the 1st was so mindblowing, with the 2nd it wasn't a huge leap as the 1st was as far as graphics go. Thankfully although Gear3 still isn't the huge leap as the original was its noticeable how superb the game looks, I mean seriously those are some amazing visuals, easily competing with the best graphics on any console and more importantly lets not forget how well it plays also, judging from the beta. Epic should be commended for their ability to get so much out of the 360.

pain777pas4474d ago

You guys seriously... I think that PS3 is better quality Hard ware but man. UC series owns gears. The comparison is non issue. I think some of the monsters with motionblur etc make the game LOOK cool. The actual detail in the sandbags in the first game are great and some of the environments. However, that was 2007. Now, UC2 looks like it left that game in the dust period. Some of the levels you can see into the distance then go there and the graphics are jaw dropping good. You are fooling yourself if you think that Gears is in the same league as UC. I am not bashing the great parts of Gears but I was only impressed in 2007. Graphics have come a long way since then. You could be just in a random town room in UC and the level of detail is unbelievable from the masks on the wall to the paint on the wall .

kaveti66164474d ago

There is no part of Uncharted or Uncharted 2 where you can look far off into the distance and then go there.

pain777pas4474d ago

Helicopter battle from the roof to the next to the next. Come on man. Do not be rediculous.

4474d ago
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BrutallyBlunt4474d ago

So a topic about graphics with the words Gears of War all of the sudden means the Playstation 3 owners come out of their coma's to the comment section? Wow.

“Yeah, people have closed the gap. We were far ahead of a lot of games when Gears 1 came out. Everybody’s been catching up, and a lot of people are fighting for ownership of that title. But we continue to push the box and what HD means.”

See how they say push the box? That means the XBOX360, not the Playstation 3. Besides, if you truly wanted to talk about graphics you would be talking about Battlefield 3 on the PC.

No, this site isn't run by Playstation 3 owners, not at all.

jdfoster004474d ago

vice versa. Gears fanboys go on ps3 articles and thw same with Uncharted fans! Though I must say they are both graphically great! But uncharted uses alot of colours and varies it's colours unlike gears which is mostly greys, browns etc whereas uncharted uses alot of different colours!