Eurogamer Feature: PKR

Eurogamer: "In the interests of disclosure, PKR put USD 50 (around GBP 25) of money into an account for us to use, so we could experiment with their software. Be assured that we'll be giving that USD 50 back now it's written. So this isn't a review, so much as a sort of critical preview, looking at what PKR does now as it continues to develop its engine."

"Right, here's the most important thing I want from an online poker room: clarity. Clarity of menus, clarity of tables, and clarity of the screen furniture showing me my cards. And with that, if I'm honest, my ideal poker table is a top-down green circle with player's names, their chip-stack, and their bet. Anything else on top of that needs to be executed really smoothly, or it's inhibiting the game."

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