OXM UK: Earth Defence Force: Insect Armageddon Review

OXM UK: "It's not the carbon copy that many will have hoped for, but don't let that put you off. Tweaks and changes have successfully fixed most of EDF 2017's problems without damaging any of the dodgy aspects that made it so wonderfully wonky. If you're in the market for some mindless co-op nonsense, Insect Armageddon's comes highly recommended."

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MrSpace2662d ago

It bugs me when you see the end of a review, with the good/bad bit and it seems they just list something as Bad when it's not a big deal

Good Point

Xbox Live co-op...

Bad Point

...but only for three

Three players and you = 4 Players in total. Not seeing what the big deal is

sonicsidewinder2662d ago

"It bugs me..."

I get it :P

(this was a joke right?)

MrSpace2662d ago

Not really but I'm glad you pointed that out

I'm a genius and I didn't even know it

Does one pun make me a my world it does :)

Drewminati2662d ago

wish i knew they released it early, would of been nice to play it over this long weekend. oh well picking it up today cant wait