Torchlight, Stacking and DLC heat up Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week

XMNR: The Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week is running with a heat theme for the week of July 5, 2011 and includes discounts on games such as Torchlight and Stacking and DLC packs for Medal of Honor, Dante's Inferno and Rock Band.

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GusBricker2662d ago

If you don't have Torchlight, get it. It's lootastic!

maniacmayhem2662d ago

I want to get Torchlight but I heard II was given the greenlight for consoles and that version has multiplayer.

I want to wait for that...but man do I love a good dungeon crawler.

fooxy2662d ago

People no matter what you do don't get medal of honor pack, waste of money and time nobody plays it, nobody even plays the free map pack they released before the paid one !

TheCampfireSong2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Stacking was given for free via ps+ ...nothing spectacular if you ask me.