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Drew Leachman Writes: Hell can be a pretty harsh place. Demons, monsters and other creatures of the night infest the horrible place and have every intention of tearing you to shreds. Luckily, In Shadows of the Damned, you’re no ordinary person. You’re Garcia Hotspur, and Garcia knows his way around a demon or two.

Garcia, a demon hunter, travels to Hell in order to rescue his girlfriend, Paula, from the everlasting torment of constantly dying in horrible ways and coming back to life only to be killed again by an evil tyrant and lord of the underworld, Fleming. Garcia, along with his trusty ex-demon companion, Johnson, who doubles as Garcia’s gun, braves the depths of Hell, killing all sorts of evils and cracking jokes.

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Venox20082666d ago

great game! agree with score! :)

Minartis2665d ago

Good review , I just started playing this last night , so far it's great - if you like grindhouse movies like Planet Terror or Machete you'll love it!