Best Buy Replaces Backordered $99 Toshiba HD-A2s with HD-A3s

Given that the HD-A2 is now discontinued, one would have expected that Best Buy would just cancel all of the orders and be done with it -- but they would be wrong. Best Buy instead is replacing all backordered HD-A2 players with the new third-generation HD-A3 which retails for $299.99.

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Bigmac5735563d ago

Selling their players for $99? Smells like desperation.

IdontTakeSides5563d ago

I agree 100% Toshiba is desperate...they had to bribe a company to support there format..nothing else spells desperation like that tatic..!!

TheMART5563d ago

well if it takes that to have the mass to prefer HD-DVD over BluRay and become market leader, who cares?

The more expensive format mostly fails. *thinks back to Betamax from... Sony..*

Salvadore5563d ago (Edited 5563d ago )

If they can attract the massmarket, then I dont see any problem with that.

Bibto5563d ago

Yes, the mass market will buy this, but what will it actually achieve? Blu-ray still has the most studio support. There will be a lot of people with HD-DVD players, but no movies to watch. I don't understand why people are still buying HD-DVD. Sure, the players are cheap now, but what's the point?

CyberSentinel5563d ago (Edited 5563d ago )

They should of done it sooner.

Take Note M$:

199.99 Arcade
299.99 Premium
399.99 Elite

ngg123455563d ago

But the discs cost more. There is no reason, logically why some companies will choose a more expensive disc cost (hd-dvd costs around 5 cents more per a disc), and a smaller amount of owners compared to blu-ray owners is the reason why blu-ray wins. Regardless of the cost for a 'blu ray player'. Betamax was worse for having more expensive discs.

sonarus5563d ago

TOSHIBA IS DESPERATE. Disagree as much as you want it wnt change that fact. This 99 dollars is essentially a clearance sale. They are getting pummeled by blu ray and they are loosing support. This move will help them but considering how much they will lose selling at this price and in the long run after prices fall back there goes their sales spike. Toshiba is doing a good job selling their player at 200 is ultimately the right move but this 99 dollars is nothing but desperation in a couple of months when it is clear hd-dvd is winning i wonder how much those 99 dollar players will go for on ebay.

kewlkat0075563d ago (Edited 5563d ago )

to Mass market the product...

I can easily take your Paragraph and insert "Sony" and get the same argument. CLEARENCE/DESPERATION SALE whatever you wanna call it, when sh^t is not selling.

Whats important here is word of the mouth and knowing how Walmart and other top retailers are, if people start buying like hot Muffins, you might get Studios forced into changing their strategy.

Thats what competition and Low prices and top retailers do.

lawman11085563d ago

You can't go and order the A2 now, they are gone. IF you were able to order the A2 on line AFTER they sold out THEN they replace the A2 with an A3. Also, Best Buy and Circuit City are selling the A3 for $199 @ Best Buy you get 9 HD dvds free(2 in box 5 mail in and 2 more in store) and @ Circuit City you get the 2 in box and 5 mail in.

Ju5563d ago

Well, I just got the A2 on Friday from Walmart. But so far I am less then impressed if at all. In all fairness I have to add, that I have a PS3 and usually watch what I can on BD. So my main reason to buy it was to get the rest on HD-DVD what I can't get on BD. I was hoping, instead of the need to watch upconverted DVDs on the PS3 I might get them on HD-DVD and watch it there. But, the first sobering hit me when I wanted to change all my DVD rentals to HD DVDs. Well, I only could change one. Nothing else was available (which I hadn't had on BD before). OK, so I went out today looking for movies I could get somewhere. First, there's not much out there I am interested in. I have "Next" on my abo (so I didn't get that) but they cost $30. Well, nah, I better rent them. So went over to Blockbuster. Well, sure, we know they moved to BD, but my Blockbuster still has a small shelf with HD-DVDs. Yeah, right. Small. Not much available. But I got Transformers (and another one, just to make me believe I have a "library"). That's all fine, I think Transformers will be great (haven't watched it yet, just snooped in). But then, that thing (the player) is so dog slow. What's wrong with that ? It looks exactly like all my BD movies on the PS3, just 5 times slower. The menu takes forever to appear. That thing needs to boot, scanning a disk takes forever. All menu action behaves like it has breaks on. Well, I got the feeling to regret my purchase. Well, I'm telling myself it was just $98, so not a big loss. But the impression I get when I am trying to get a movie is, thats a clearance sale, not a new exciting product. Sorry, just my impression. HD-DVD only owner might paint a different picture, but for me it was pretty disapointing. And I really didn't expect that. Sorry to say (I know, you'll declare me as a PS3 fanboy. Go ahead, won't take that feeling away from me, though).

GunPants5563d ago (Edited 5563d ago )

Selling their ps3 for $399? Smells like desperation. ^^at bigmac

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cooke155563d ago

Nintendo must be desparate for having the lowest priced console too /sarcasm

Omegasyde5563d ago (Edited 5563d ago )

because clearly the Wii can produce the same caliber of graphics and sound of the 360 and the PS3. I can't wait for the GTA, RE5, SKATE,Unreal tournament, devil may cry 4 on the wii!!!!!!

*wait a second, O I forgot the Wii can't compare in that graphical aspect can't run those games.

-Get out of here douche.

Ju5563d ago

Why do you even bring Nintendo in here ? They don't even play DVDs.

Salvadore5563d ago

Once they have attracted the mass market, HD-DVD will still survive for a bit longer and movie studios might see an opportunity to roll in some more profit (i.e to go neutral and support both formats).

Bibto5563d ago

But I don't see Fox or Disney going neutral any time soon. They seem to be putting their bets on Blu-ray. Sony wil definitely not go neutral. So that leaves Warner. I don't really mind which format wins. The only reason I care is because I will own a PS3 (soon), so I'm set for Blu-ray. HD-DVD wil require me to spend more money.

I could even see them co-exist if they both had the same studio support, but that won't happen. This war was good while it lasted, but you feel it has to come to an end sooner or later if we want to have high-def at all. This move by Toshiba is just prolonging the inevitable.

LoydX-mas5563d ago

(other than Sony studios)The studios will eventually support whichever format the masses adopt. And sorry to say but there are far more people that watch just movies than play games. Meaning, the PS3 is keeping Blu-ray in the lead right now, but at $399 vs. $99-$169 for a new player, which one will J6P choose?

Besides, Disney may be Blu right now, but they are on the DVD forum and they have ALWAYS abstained from voting on HD-DVD related votes.
However, in Sept. they weren't silent and voted FOR the new 51gig HD discs AND the new triple-layer twin format HD-DVD.....hmmmmmm:)

ArmrdChaos5563d ago (Edited 5563d ago )

Fox and/or Disney will do what the consumers dictate. They both make their money from us and if this hardware sells enough they will have no choice but to support it.

As far as the usual "Toshiba is prolonging the inevitable"...should Apple and Linux just role over and quit? I mean Microsoft pretty much owns the majority of operating systems so should we just give it all to them? Welcome to the business world.

And then we have the usual "they are desperate" statement. This what most say when they have nothing else they can say. Right now they are both trying to get people to upgrade. A lower price creates less risk and increases the chance of people making some kind of choice. Do you think that if Blu-ray was actually able to get their price levels that low they wouldn't do it? They are just using two different approaches...Sony is attacking via media and Toshiba is attacking via hardware.

And then there is the final rally cry "it's not 1080P". I guess we will have to wait and see after the holiday season how much that really matters to the MAJORITY of consumers that have not bought yet. For those that either do not have the equipment yet or money to get the best then it won't matter for them.

EDIT: Thanks much Doja...back at you.

sticky doja5563d ago

Bubble to you for such an intelligent post.

Bibto5563d ago (Edited 5563d ago )

Don't get me wrong. I support both formats. I simply prefer Blu-ray at the moment because the PS3 can play them. My concern is that I don't see the two formats living together in harmony. It seems to be an all or nothing situation. Therefore, a lot of people are going to be very angry when one format finally wins, since they would have to re-buy their movies. I think it would be best for the consumer if this ends sooner rather than later.

And no, I don't expect Toshiba to just roll over and quit. They have fought an honorable battle and deserve a death equally so. I'm thinking more along the lines of seppuku.

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