Uncharted 3: On Topping Uncharted 2 And A Possible New Game Engine

GB: "Uncharted 2 Among Thieves was a huge game, so much so that Nathan Drake became the poster boy of the PlayStation 3 family. The amount of heart pounding action sequences, the indepth narration of the story and the addictive gameplay meant that topping the game will be a herculean task."

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jony_dols2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

'If we decide to further the franchise from there, it’s likely that we’ll be building a new engine from the ground up again'

Is this an indication that Uncharted's next outing on a home console will be on the PS4.....Possible launch title?

It wouldn't make sense to scrape one of the best graphic engines on consoles, in favor of a new one, this late in the PS3's cycle.

Inside_out2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

ND has been making changes to the engine all along. They went with Havok for Uncharted 2 trying to keep up but the problems arise when you start to add features and multi-player.

EVERY game out there has had to adopt newer technologies and solutions in order to stay with the pack. Unfortunately, this usually comes at a cost and that cost is in the physics/graphics.

If you want a decent single player campaign, 4 player story based co-op or ANY Co-op, a firefight/horde type of mode, level editor/creator, theater mode, multi-player and all the different game types that entail then you have to adapt and if you can't then you have to start at ground zero a build an engine with those technologies from the ground up. ND has to start over.

Uncharted is a heavily scripted, cut scene using game. For a scripted and totally controlled single player campaign that is fine, but when you start to get into more sandbox style of game play, something I believe ND what's to explore, then you need to make BIG changes.

The last couple of years has seen some big advances and if you don't change and adapt, you get left behind.

Halo Reach was an entirely new engine. In order to keep the bright, colorful Halo Universe intact, without changing what was there already was a monumental task...changes had to be made as well as sacrifices. They had 15-20 guys just putting code together for the Reach engine. How many AI do you want. Sure you can have a hundred but at what cost. Do you want vehicles...well of course, that's a big part of the Halo universe. A variety of different enemy types with different sizes/ weapons and AI abilities...sacrifices will have to be made. Want a big, open world with sandbox game play...yep, you have to build an engine from the ground up to be able to pull this off.

In the end, the more diverse, more complicated you game is, the more resources they will require unless you want to shoot the same looking 3 to 5 guys over and over again with a pistol...O_o

Bungie is just one example of a company that have mastered all that...

Crysis 2, using the exact same rez as Halo Reach but not as many AI or AI variety, Co-op, Forge, Firefight delivered what Crytek feels is the best looking console game to date...they are but at what cost???

Crysis 2 sure is pretty tho...

Gears and Epic sell middle-ware so every game is a walking advertisement. They offer 4 player co-op, Horde mode, a variety of multi-player modes. Yes, some sacrifices were made, especially in level design as 4 people need a lot of room but many feel it was well worth's all about BALANCE.

@ Rage...The " fanboys " won't get...O_o...They don't get anything. ND does and that is why they have to start over.

Rage_S902688d ago

I don't even get what your trying to say....

Ju2688d ago

Rewriting from scratch does not necessarily mean throw everything away. You'd probably refactor what you can, and experienced gained in a previous iteration means you are not starting from ground zero.

jony_dols2688d ago

Whenever I see a big rant off a one bubble troll,
I don't bother reading it, I just disagree & move on!

I wonder how long he spent (wasted) writing this rubbish!

2688d ago
Peaceful_Jelly2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

He is saying that certain engines are made for certain type of games and when they want to make huge changes then they need new engines. Like for example: look at the DMC reboot, the game's running at 30FPS due to the fact that is using UE3. This engine was optimized to run at 30fps on consoles for slower paced games but as soon as you try to make a game to run at 60FPS it becomes impossible because of the way the engine handles textures and effects it would need much higher specs.

Call of Duty games run at 60FPS but they are using a really old heavily modified engine so no matter how much they try they can't simply make a game look like Killzone 3. Is like when you make a program on Assembler vs C ++. Assembler takes less resource and runs faster but it doesn't take advantage of other features in more modern machines like C++ does.

What the one bubble guy said it's all the truth. Why do you think Crytek had to make the Cry-Engine 3 for Crysis 2 even though the engine it's just a downgraded Cry-Engine 2? Because they had to make much bigger changes than just lowering the output (textures, anti-aliasing, resolution, lighting, etc.) on the engine to be able to run on consoles. To make the game look nice they have to make the engine handle certain things differently.

TheDivine2688d ago

Dont know why so many disagreed he made sense. Uncharted doesnt have destruction like batllefield or varied enemies its scripted. To take the game where nd want to they need a bigger better engine. I cant wait for un4 with full destruction and awsome ai, more enemies exc. Also need a co-op campaign.

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KingDustero2688d ago

Yeah it is quite obvious they're hinting at development on a future console. The engine that runs the Uncharted franchise can't really be improved much more after Uncharted 3. Plus the engine is already pushing the PS3 to it's limits. It would just be a waste of time to make a new engine when they already have one that can do everything.

This comes at no surprise though. The PS4 does exist and it'll be out sooner than later. ND is going to want to take advantage of the new power it gives, so they'll have to create a new engine that'll be built from the ground up for this new system.

firemassacre2688d ago

going to be hard to top, uc2 game set the standard for tps games

ps3bestever2688d ago

agree, Uncharted 2 was the best game of this gen !

pain777pas2688d ago

UC3 can top UC2 however it will be hard. I have a feeling that the story will be personal between the 3 original and the villain will be pretty evil in a different way from the others. Much more of a strategist than a killer. The game is looking to top a near perfect game. This is the next gen prototype. Playable cutscenes, constant chatter and great gameplay. They can do it.


Uncharted 2 have more than 100 Awards, making this game the most awarded and one of the best games of all times.

Uncharted 3 probably will top that.

zinkabassy2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

As much as I love Uncharted as a game,.. Practically,.. everything works flawlessly,.. It is an incredible TPS and it is nearly a flawless game in general,..(puzzles could be less for retarded people,.. and maybe have a slightly higher difficulty in platforming)

But I would still have to give the title the best TPS ever made to Vanquish, just because of the fun and polished gameplay mechanics,.. That fucking game is so fun:), it may not hold a candle to Uncharted as a whole package and a game,,.. but you can just feel Mikami's polish of gameplay elements,.. Guys If you can find it cheap(because it is short), get it,..

MrSpace2688d ago

I'm surprized with NaughtyDog being this successful, they or Sony don't open a sister studio (InnocentCat...bad try right) so they can work on a game and when NaughtyDog have finished there game the sister studio moves the game they've been working on up to them so they can have one team working on Uncharted and the other working on Jak and Daxter or some other new IP

jdfoster002688d ago

How do you know they are not doing that already? So many things that we wana know atm like that is Guerrilla Games next ip, with that beautiful engine. What are Sucker Punch up to? What about Ninja Theory? (alot of rumours circulating about HS 2) What about Sony santa monica? What about Media Molecules new IP? What about Sony London's new IP? (will they go back into development on Eight days? ) So looking forward to E3 2012 and gamescom this year (next month or w.e it's called) Going to be an exciting couple of years for ps3 users! Or should I say PS4 users? In time to come maybe we will be seeing an announcement of a ps4 and it's launch titles as PS3 didn't have alot of launch titles as we know... But as every has seen at E3 2011 the vita will have a alot of support and launch titles! PEACE!

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Machioto2688d ago

what,are you crazy ! gears does look phenomenal,while the graphics did improve it took them this long to get uncharted like visuals.

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