[GAMINGtruth] Uncharted 3 Beta Hands-On Impressions

GAMINGtruth's Tim Nguyen shares his impressions as he takes a hands-on approach to Naughty Dog's Beta of the newest title in the Uncharted series:

"Overall, the beta is impressive and shows a lot of potential in the realms of what the game has to offer. There are plenty of bugs/glitches to complain about, but this is why they call it a beta.

The graphics are outstanding as always.The new customization features gives players something to appreciate about their online experience. The multiplayer this time around has been re-vamped in many aspects of the game..."

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THC CELL2755d ago

This is by far the best beta this year i can not wait for the full game.

captain-obvious2754d ago

the movement controls feels a bit off and slow

matchmaking is slow
and i get disconnected sometimes

and that's like the only problems im having

Chewy332754d ago

Honestly, you guys are giving this beta to much critic. I used to love Uncharted 2. But this beta was absolutely horrendous. The graphics haven't improved at all, melee is broken, what's with sprint? The maps aren't really even balanced. And that's after the patch to actually allow you to play it. Gears of war 3 beta showed a lot more maturity in the gaming industry on Epic' side. I wasn't even a fan of Gears of war, I disliked it. But after playing that particular beta I almost puked when I played the Uncharted 3 beta. Failure and shame on you ND. Good job Epic. Hopefully both games will turn out for the best on launch day though.

Ares842754d ago

You must have not played any game before the Uncharted 3 and Gears of War 3 beta.

Rageanitus2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

although I did not like UC2 multiplayer I would not expect much from UC3 multiplayer .... Uncharted at its core is best represented by its single player and thats where i really shines...

When your trying to compare UC to Gears your just showing your fanboyism.

The mechanics are totally different and the only similarity is that they are third person games..... Why not compare ridge racer vs gran turismo....... but then again I wont be surprised because I remeber the xbox pro crowd use to compare Motorstorm Vs Dirt ... just becuase the racing game was in a dirty environment...

As for maturity lol sorry but imo the maturity and deepness of the Uncharted series out weighs gears in terms of story and cinematic feel. I do admit it lacks the epicness of boss battles but the game is geared towards adventure.

Gears will be a great game but it it just seems the xbox fanboys give it too much credit.

Chewy332754d ago

The only reason I give Gears 3 any credit at all is because Epic got there act together. I don't know who wrote the dialogue for one and two but I think it should have been left to the person who did the back story. Apparently there getting the writer of the novels to create the dialogue and story for Gears 3. The books all got above average reviews so I have hope. Also, credit wise. I believe we gave Gears 2 to much credit. Gears 1 was a master piece, I wish we could return to that. And it seems after the Gears 3 beta that's exactly what it's doing. It's also adding dedicated servers, a three year development time and an updated engine. ND really has disappointing me so far, but I still have hopes in SP. And if Gears 1 got a 9.5 with a 1 year development time think of what a 3 year development time on a new engine with dedicated servers and a beta to reinforce it could do.

cervantes992754d ago

This beta is fantastic - not sure what Chewy33 is smoking, the beta runs great and is very polished (after the first patch that is)

Goodfella2754d ago

I also thought the beta was awful. I played Uncharted 2 online up to about level 50. But I've put a hour into this beta and it's a mess. Graphics are worse than Uncharted 2, all the small things have been changed and now it's a total fuck up. This is going to be the let down of the year when it lands. I'm glad all you sheep love mediocrity , this is almost as bad as the Socom demo I played a few months ago, it's got COD all over it and it's a mess as a result.

ainsz2754d ago

I agree, the graphics seem to have been degraded since Among Thieves but I found the gameplay just awesome! It's just so much fun. Having said that, I barely even touched the multiplayer in 2 so I can't compare, either way, I'd play this over CoD an day.

InLaLaLand2754d ago

I just hope this doesn't become the case like Killzone 3 at launch.

I haven't played the beta since the day I downloaded it due to getting kicked off and crashing my new PS3. I downloaded the beta AFTER the patch.

I only played co-op but it was cool though.

NBT912754d ago

As a PS3 gamer, I agree! This beta was poor. I loved Uncharted 2 online and off, and while I am sure that Uncharted 3 Single Player will be great, the beta left me with only that to look forward to.
Even the sprinting is messed up!
If you never played U2 online, it should be okay, but if you did, this is dire.

Solidus187-SCMilk2754d ago

but I still love this U3 beta. i will buy this game when it comes out because its fun to destroy these people. I am doing really good at this beta, just went 17-1 with 4 assists and made everyone quit.

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