WWE '12 Unlikely To Have Special Guest Referee Match Type

THQ has pretty much hinted that the much loved "Special Guest Referee" match won't appear in WWE '12.

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Ace_Man_62665d ago

Not surprised to be quite honest

Brawler2665d ago

Same here thq hasn't made. Good wrestling game since here comes the pain man even wwf no mercy for n64 hard this match type by far there best era of games

slavish32664d ago

please get a new developer

Enigma_20992664d ago

The "FUTURE" of WWE games, ladies and gentlemen![/sarcasm]

ivanjp18822664d ago

lol, but what the ef is happening to the wwe? am very surprised on how vince has changed wwe from stone cold 3:16 to the miz? alex riley? so therefore thq went from no mercy to allstars and wwe12. how patheric. are these the same guys that bough wcw and ecw? sur dont look like it. TnA is way better than wwe.

ShadowKingx2664d ago

so make it DLC or something. you can tell me that all the can do for DLC is superstars. i mean cmon. where the DLC matchetypes or DLC great arenas. i know there a couple of arenas Backlash, summerslam, etc. that had a great creativity put in them. maybe something they can do next year. its called getting community feedback. seems like almost every freakin developer has this freakin problem.

Community = Word of mouth to friends, family, etc = money = best selling game of all time

not mention they keep taking out matches and putting new ones in or ones anyone rarely plays. no casket match or buried alive match. why no create a championship feature anymore. i mean these a couple of things that should be in every wwe svr or wwe game since it was presented.

THQ has good game but like i said quit doing what yall want and do want community wants. specailly when we tell you every year what to bring back or put back in or put something new in.

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