id Software's John Carmack likes horsepower. He also likes the Wii U. Interesting...

Seems John Carmack loves the WII U

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Ranshak2754d ago

If he likes power then Wii U is not where thats at. Wii U will be using 4 years old tech by the time it releases lol.

Sorry carmack but PC is where the HP is.

matey2754d ago

that was speculation at best the wiiu isnt using HD 4000 series its based off AMD's best most cerrent tech the HD 7000 as thats the best Radeon HD chip and AMD clearlt state it incorperates the very latest and most advanced graphics technology the company has so get that HD 4000 series out of ur head but even the 4000 series is 4 generations infront of ps3 so from what we know so far the WiiU is more powerful than ps4 as thats going to be the same power as ps3 VP of sony mr Armstrong has already stated this in many statements also the ps4 is 4 women the WiiU is mainly 4 hardcore audience and with a Custom GPU based off the very best AMD has to offer Hd 7000 and a IBM Power 7 with minimum 4 cores will blow the ps4 up

BubbleSniper2754d ago

you seem to know exactly what's going to be inside of the PS4.

DarkTower8052754d ago


There you go matey, apparently your pc ran out of commas and periods, you can borrow mine.

Motion2754d ago

Holy run-on sentence, Batman!

4D2754d ago

Try to stay on topic ladies. Damn internet geeks correcting spelling and grammar on here. Give it a rest already.

Anyways going back to the topic. The Wii-U better at least be on par with the PS3/360 or it will be DOA...

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firemassacre2754d ago

wii u's tech is going to be short lived once ps4 or xbox720 comes out, im pretty sure its a short term adrenaline rush to work on a newer console.

matey2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

No m8 the wiiu has the most powerful tech compared to what we know the ps4 will be Armstrong VP at sony has stated ps4 will be no more powerful than ps3 and be aimed at casuals and women so going off RAW PROOF WE HAVE SO FAR THE PS4 WILL BE A FEW GENERATIONS BEHIND THE WIIU SORRY BUT I HAVE PROOF GO ON TOMES GUIDE.COM AND READ WHAT AMD HAVE 4 NINTENDO WIIU ITS BASED OFF THE HD7000 SERIES ALL THAT HD4000 RUBBISH WAS ANOTHER MADE UP ARTICLE FROM IGN JUST LIKE THE WII SPECS ARE 1.1GHZ CPU NOT 733MHZ

MrSpace2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

I think when they said it wouldn't be as powerfull they just meant it won't have that leap like the PS2 graphics to PS3 graphics.

I think the PS4 will still be pretty powerfull

Motion2754d ago

Perfect example here of why you should never go "full retard".

Otheros002754d ago

Great, now there's a nintendo haz teh best graphics fanboy. Just when the other two are more than enough.

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amilio2754d ago

sigh im tired of hearing ppl say that. how do u all knw these things? Ps4 and XBOX 720 has not releasd yet. predicting the future

jacen2754d ago

yea wait till ps4/720 im sick of hearing that myself. wii u will outperform the 360 and ps3 so it will deffo make an impact and will be well worth having

Inside_out2754d ago

I think the biggest indication that big things are going to happen in 2012 is the fact that Nintendo is guarding the specs for their console...why the secrecy niny...the other guys aren't launching till 2013-2014...HONEST.

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