Far Cry 3 Edge Scans

Check out far cry 3 scans from the latest issue of Edge

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meetajhu2665d ago

I just can't w8 for this game!

Playbox2663d ago

FC2 was meh. The third installment looks promising, as it's going back to it's roots.

Ness-Psi2665d ago

I hated the 2 game but this looks awesome.

theonlylolking2665d ago

I think they should have made Far Cry 3 for a Day 1 release on the PS4 and next xbox. They could have made the world bigger(assuming M$ does not use DVD), better graphics, better physics, etc...

matey2663d ago

if this doesnt come to WiiU i will dye as i wont buy a ps3 to play this and i want 1080p 60fps with better textures