Xbox 360 cloud storage now live

Eurogamer writes: Microsoft has made good on its promise and implemented cloud storage of profiles and game saves on Xbox 360.

A recent update, noticed by Eurogamer reader Erik B, has made it possible to recover your Xbox Live gamertag across multiple Xbox 360 consoles and access save data.

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Inside_out2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

They are taking too long to implement this kind of technology. The worlds biggest software maker has to be faster, especially when the sales of the 4 gb...0_o...360 S are insane. People shouldn't have to save EVERYTHING to a hard drive...this IS the future. I want my game saves, DLC, game profile ON DEMAND...Anywhere...ANYTIME... no questions ask!!! Make it happen M$.

I have a couple of 360's and it's a major pain to have to download game save or profile...WHY??? Isn't the information right there???

lategamer2666d ago

Can't you just use a USB stick to transfer saves?

Vegetom2667d ago

Some arcade games already had this for a long time. Castle Crashers and 'Splosion Man are two games I know of.

edhe2667d ago

i think that data's stored in the profile... not sure.

Vegetom2666d ago

Ok, hopefully it will be integrated in all games soon. I lost my save games once using a USB stick, and I don't want to have that ever again.

lochdoun2667d ago

Also Halo Reach has some type of cloud save seeing as there is no save game file on my hard drive.

Jumper092667d ago

i have savegames from reach on my HDD...

Fanbot2667d ago

"Also included in cloud storage are items such as Microsoft Points, Achievements and friends."

Wasn't that obvious???

The Meerkat2667d ago

Does this mean I will now be able to play and save Braid on my new 250S?

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