New Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition DLC Now Available

The first downloadable content (DLC) pack for the recently released Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is available now via the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3, Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360 and Games for Windows – LIVE Marketplace for PC gamers. This first DLC pack specialises in the new characters added to the Street Fighter IV compendium with the release of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.

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ScubaSteve12662d ago

Capcom what happen to you. You use to be cool, now your not and shoving dlc in our faces

Lilbambit2662d ago

my god, capcom really are the prime example of what is wrong with gaming right now i.e. game companies milking every bit of money they can from their customers

CrescentFang2662d ago

Capcom USA shouldn't really have that sort of relationship with their fans especially how they are acting now. The fans are not pleased and now the employee's are starting to ignore all on their own site and don't even bother to reply to any sort of question at all, unless it is simple or really stupid (like from a troll)
We were even given hope with MML3, only to find out it wasn't even green-lit, so what's the point of having all those contests and development updates if it is possible for the game to be thrown away?

Silthondrius2662d ago

i use to admire Capcom a lot.............but now>>:(