No Half Life 3/ Episode 3 at Gamescom 2011

HG writes: Listings on the official Gamescom website show that Valve will not be exhibiting any materials related to Half Life in anyway.

After a no-show from Valve at E3 this year, many fans were getting excited upon hearing the news that Valve was going to appear at Gamescom this year. The reason? Fans have been waiting for the announcement of Half Life 2: Episode 3 or Half Life 3 for years, and unfortunately they are going to have to wait even longer for any such news.

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Gray-Fox-Type02666d ago

-_- how long has it been...what is valve doing....don't tell me going to end up like duke nukem forever...

wallis2666d ago

Gee wizz I love waiting over a decade for closure on a narrative arc.

Ha, well at least I can sleep easy knowing valve aren't working on any sequels to games that no one really thought needed a sequel in the first place. I'm especially gonna sleep easy knowing that if they did do such a thing it would definitely be a substantial and enjoyable game and not a free2play game inevitably filled with fucking $2.99 hats which for some God damned reason valve have become obsessed to a point that it's almost a fucking fetish.

tdrules2666d ago

valve has done more between half life 2 and (inevitably) half life 3 than they ever did between HL1 and HL2.

Letros2666d ago

While I'd love HL3, we're finally getting DotA 2 at Gamescom :-D

StayStatic2666d ago

Probably next E3 for HL3 , no way they been working on episode 3 that long.

pr0digyZA2666d ago

LOl no way it is an episode, most likely a new engine source 2 which would blow people away.

superrey192666d ago

While the source engine has somehow managed to look great throughout the years, too hope a new engine is being used for episode 3.

ATiElite2666d ago

Which Valve will be there in full force to promote DotA2. They are even having a big ass tournament. Hopefully we get a solid release date for DotA2.

Then once that is out the way......Full Steam ahead for HL2 ep3!

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