Something Is Wrong With Video Game Reviews

Kotaku AU: "A month or so ago I was interviewed by ABC2′s Good Game on the topic of video game reviews and, more specifically, review scores. You can watch their feature on the issue tonight at 8.30, but I thought I’d take the time to outline some of my own thoughts on the matter. Something seems to be wrong with video game reviews and, personally, I’d like to see them change."

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tdogg060519912754d ago

I am one of these people. As this article explains that it is a experience a lot of reviewers treat it as that. Was this game a unique and awe inspiring moment, did I have fun, could I see someone else having fun. In the end I believe reviews shouldn't have a rating but rather a explanation of all notable facts from one or more sources about the positives an negatives. Then taking all positives and negatives and seeing if they are flip-able. Duke Nukem is just crude or Duke Nukem is Grind House era magic. What you experience and perceive are sh1t for reviewing because that is opinion. I think they should be changed to fit more personalities and no be nailed to someones estranged mind.

Pozzle2754d ago

Numbered scores need to be gotten rid of completely. What counts as a good game? Some people think anything above 6/10 is good, some think the only games worth buying are those that score above 9/10. Scores create too much controversy and cause too much confusion amongst fans.

And there are too many personal opinions in reviews. Reviewers seem to forget that they need to be objective. They need to accurately describe the pros and cons for a game to help gamers make a decision on whether or not a game is worth buying. Don't let personal opinions and biases get in the way of writing a review. For example, if a reviewer doesn't like JRPGs, that's no excuse to give the game a low score. The reviewer needs to ask themselves: "I hate this aspect of a game. But do I hate it because I hate JRPGs, or do I hate it because it's genuinely a flaw?"