We're "fortunate" to have long console lifespans - Gearbox Software

OXM UK: "Prolonging current gen lets devs focus on 'craft' over 'technical challenges', says Randy Pitchford."

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dirigiblebill2660d ago

Couldn't agree more. I thought PS2/Xbox had mountains of potential that didn't get used.

dangert122660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

The reason I don't want this gen to end so soon is because. It the most expensive gen but the worst i have gamed through. Yes there has been some very good games but alot more have them have been shit 2bh with you. Its starting to get better.

excuse me if i seem like a sony fanboy while saying this but i don't know whats on the other platform but gears 3 on the xbox and multiplats

Uncharted 3 (The hole series is good)
Gears Of War 3
The new 'Tomb Raider'
Battlefield 3
Need For Speed The Run
Resistance 3

Are IMO what this Gen should of been like from the start till now if it even dreamed of being seen as great this gen games have been gimped prices have been pushed up etc I want a nice sexy collection of bluray games to go along side

Yakuza 3/4
Uncharted 2
Metal Gear Solid 4
Little Big Planet
Motorstorm Pacific Rift
Killzone 2
Resistance 2
Ratchet and Clank Series
Demon Souls

Thought i dont have an xbox no more
Gears series
Halo 3 Online Only
and Forza are must own games and also what this gen is about

Yes there are multiplats that will join that list but not many and thats where i have been let down to be honest with you,

Deadspace 1&2
Portal 2

is all thats cutting it for me
so far

TheLastGuardian20102660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Are you kidding? This gen is MILES better than last gen.

Quality wise
Production wise
Multiplayer Community
Xbox Live/PSN

Bolts2660d ago

A lot of games on that list were held back because they're "this gen", if you look at a game like MAG or even Killzone 2 the inability of this gen to deliver on what was promised is rather obvious.

Bring on the next gen I say so we can do games like MAG and Killzone 3 with no compromise. I'm tired of the console crutch.

jaosobno2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

"We're "fortunate" to have long console lifespans" - spoken like a true mediocrity.

Of course Gearbox is happy with longer lifespan. Why wouldn't they be. They can rest on their laurels, they don't have to learn anything new, don't have to develop new skills at this point.

Any normal developer (or human being for that matter) would welcome next gen as an opportunity to learn something new, develop new skills, and generally set their sights on new horizons.

When present gen hardware cap is removed by next gen, developers can discovering new ways of immersing players in games, create new, breathtaking worlds, and take gaming to next level.

Just look what BF3 is doing on PC. They pushed graphics and physics to amazing levels and pushed immersion to next level. You think that present gen console hardware can do this? Of course it can't. If it could it would.

This gen has given all it had, now it's time for something new. There is no hidden potential, no magical source of strength in present gen.

It had a nice run, we witnesses some amazing games, but the last time my WOW! radar detected something, it was in 2009. and was called Uncharted 2.

It's time to move on.

AntoineDcoolette2660d ago

I feel that this gen isn't as original as last. The only console games I've played this gen that felt like genuinely unique / original experiences are Mirror's Edge (First person platforming) and Assassin's Creed (Parkour / climbing EVERYWHERE)

But last gen had A LOT of games that basically created new genres like Devil May Cry or if it already existed revolutionized and introduced the genre to the main stream such as GTA3 with sand box worlds. Also, many many games go for a realistic look to their graphics and art directions imo are starting to look homogenized because developers are relying less on unique stylized graphics as they strive for realism.

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dangert122660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )


-No i'm not kidding games from last gen seem to have more content depsite the disc now holding more data

-More replay value

-more of a challenge

now they dumb down everything make everything easier so 'casuals' can play.

the only thing i like about this gen what actually got me gaming seriously is the graphics i never used to complete games cause i used to get bored not knowing what was going on because i did't like the cutscenes this gen made watch them now i have gone back to old classic games and got into them cause now i know where the meaning of the game is

the best games from this gen do not fuck with the best games from last gen make no mistake

killzone 3 was rushed out the gates GG even said after

MAG is perfect bar the community

Also if this gen is so good
why all these HD remakes?

Playing GOW HD collection atm
Greazy91 is my psn id check what games i play apart from the ones i listed ^^^^

TimTebo2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Really? Don't fuck with the best games from last gen? I'm not arguing that last gen we got some real good games. To be honest the list can go on and on. But this gen has gave me more memorable experiences that the last gen...for example (and this is just off the top of my head)

Sorry but how can you say games like

Assassins Creed
Mass Effect
Heavy Rain
Red Dead Redemption
L.A Noire
Dead Space

Then there's the whole xbla, and psn space

We have classics that rival classic ps2 games like

Geometry Wars

Are shitty? What games do you play? When was the last time you even played a ps2 game?

I'm sorry but your alone on this. I mean hell just Bioshock alone pushed gaming narrative as we knew it. Games like Red Dead Redemption made me cry (when John dies) for the first time in a video game space. Games like Portal made me think in ways I never thought possible. Heavy Rain changed my defintion of what a game is, and what it could me. Uncharted brought me adventures I never thought possible. L.A Noire made me witness a dead naked corpse, not for shock value, but for the damn narrative (which is saying alot for games)..

There have been great achievements this gen, and your seriously blind to them for some reason.

And this gen is far from over. We still have soon to be classics like Bioshock Infinite, The Last Guardian, Rage, Battlefield 3, Skyrim, Deus Ex: Human Rev., Far Cry 3, GTA V, and on and on and on. We're not done, not for a long shot.

dangert122660d ago


I own a ps3 nothing else thats why i said excuse for sounding like a fanboy
but mentioned series like


Assassins creed is really repetitive good story but i get bored of its gameplay
Red Dead,

LA noire and Rockstar Games in general are good for the first few hours then you notice your doing the same things just different skins

Journey is not even out yet that looks amazing not gonna lie but slow your role it could still be shit lol

Geomatry was is good nothing special its good

flower is boring

outland yet to try i will cause im hearing good things about it

I'm sorry man you really like this gen i think its good but still the worst last gen if you gave devs a 25gb disc they would of packed it with content this gen they make a 5-6gb game then release day one dlc =/ if you think thats good then okay but when i look at this gen all i see is consumer abuse and gimped games largely

jopeussr2660d ago

Ubisoft can't wait to implement their next generation DRM to the new consoles ...

newleaf2660d ago

I won't lie, not too keen on a new generation just yet, main (only) reason is I do not want to buy a new console, mine is only 4 years old. . .wait, what? Yikes! Still, I do not want to be stuck in old gen again till I can afford the nextbox.

Bigbangbing2660d ago

I want the next gen NOW.. 'cause I'll probably wait a year after its release to make sure nothing is red and yellow except M&M's

Bolts2660d ago

In other words, learning to program new hardware is hardware is hard. Thanks for the FYI Gearbox.

jbiz3302660d ago

im LOVING that this generation is going longer than the previous ones. Id actually like for it to extend a few more years. We are getting some amazing games on both consoles and thats directly related to developers comfort with the hardware.

I mean lets be honest, there were some shit games on both consoles for a couple years before both consoles finally got into their groove..

thrasherv32660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Idunno, the 360 seemed pretty solid the first year. Games like Gears1, Rainbow Six, Oblivion, Dead Rising, FNR3, Burnout, CoD2, and FEAR. IMHO these developers are getting too comfortable with this gen. Game franchises are becoming too stale. Almost all installments after their debuts feel like a step back to me(CoD, BF, ME, Gears, FEAR, Dead Rising, Forza, Burnout. Did I miss any?lol.)

I'm not sure if it's the consoles themselves or maybe publishers exploiting their new found market but this gen seems like it's on a steady decline. I buy less and less games every year and the ones I do buy I enjoy less and less. Maybe upcoming titles like BF3, Halo: CA, MW3(maybe, they said it's going to be more like CoD4 but that might be cleaver "hook, line and sinker" advertisement) and Gears3 might change my view on this gen. One can only hope...

TimTebo2660d ago

Why aren't you playing

Shadows of the Damned
Assassins Creed
Portal 2
L.A Noire
Crysis 2
Red Dead Redemption

Portal 2 alone is something worth remembering when this gen is over

thrasherv32660d ago

Who said I haven't played any of those? I only mentioned games that came out in the first year of the 360 launch. But thanks for reminding me of a few that gave fallen from grace.

Bioshock > Bioshock2
Portal > Portal2(Seemed like they tried too hard with this one.)
GTA4 > Red Dead > LA Noire
Crysis > Crysis 2(No, I'm not a PC fanboy. C2 was unbelievably disappointing. Almost as bad as Homefront)
And the other two aren't my cup of tea.

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