Sony PS4: Six features that are desperately needed

These are quite possibly the most anticipated features that have to be included when designing the next gen Sony home console-Playstaation 4.

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shreeveera2666d ago

Cross game chat,PS3 backward compatibility and an awesome list of AAA launch titles with a smart pricing might make Sony win the Next gen console war with release of PLAYSTATION 4.

RedDead2666d ago

A headset that comes with the console aswell. This was a good thing about the 360. Although those headsets are terrible, i've went through about 7 of them, I don't have one anymore.

Yi-Long2666d ago

... that's all I really need. Not 'streaming' .mkv support, but just the ability to hook up an external HDD on the USB-port and watch .mkv files.

crxss2666d ago

better triggers for the DualShock 4, PLEASE!

jony_dols2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Having mkv support encourages film piracy,

It wouldn't be that logical if they did implement mkv support ,especially because Sony profit big time from blu-ray, digital video rentals & from their film studios....

Hey, I'd love to have it, but I don't think it would be wise of Sony.

Jezuz2666d ago

People could already put movies in pendrives and copy it over to the PS3 so I don't see your point jony_dols.

jony_dols2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )


Mkv is the format of most 720p & 1080p films on torrent sites.

The PS3 supports MP4, Xvid & MPEG2 which are common formats for digital video cameras and smartphone/handy cam footage, and this was the intended purpose of the media support back when the PS3 was launched in 2007 (Sony hailed it as a device to display your pictures & home movies, thats why the old 60gb PS3 has a SD card & MS Pro duo slots).

Adding mkv support makes watching pirated films & tv shows a lot more convenient, without the need to convert formats ect.

Jdoki2666d ago

@Pixel Pusher

Why the heck would the PS4 need or want Thunderbolt? Even USB 3 would be a fairly pointless addition.

What reason would there be to have such high data transfer speeds? Thunderbolt isn't going to replace HDMI for monitors/HDTV. If it was used for future upgrades (such as an external GPU add-on), it would just fragment the user-base.

And who wants to pay 50$ for a Thunderbolt cable???

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kaozgamer2666d ago

good launch games. good working web browser. good price to start off with not freaking $1000. usb 3. good looking console

catguykyou2666d ago

While I wouldn't complain if they had a web browser, I just don't see the need for it. I have a computer and have never found myself in need of using the web browser on the system. What time I have spent with it has been extremely clunky because of the controller.

vsr2666d ago

1. Full BC with PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP/PSV
2. Multi cell processors for CPU + GPU (2 in 1)
3. SSD & more ram (MS & NIN will use HDD in their next)
4. Bluray with even more space
5. Upgraded Dualshock
6. Finally An Affordable Price

Snakefist302666d ago

I just want games in 1080 @ 60fps and Dx 11 supported or better open GL whatever and I want PS4 TO HAVE 4gb ram!

cannon88002666d ago

But then it wouldn't be a ps4 :(

catguykyou2666d ago

wont happen. As long as developers have the option of lowering the resolution and fps to get more performance out of the system, they will. You may see games at first at 1080p 60 fps but come year 2 of the system, you will start to see varying results.

Unfortunately, the only way you can ever guarantee that you will always have 1080p 60fps games is if you buy a computer because the developers can't lock the resolution and fps down due to varying hardware builds.

Pillville2666d ago

DirectX is Microsoft's, so it will never be on a Playstation.

What do you think the X in Xbox means? It's a DirectX box.

r212666d ago

so that's where the name came from, i was seriously wigged out by the name.
considering that the xbox isnt shaped like an all, so yeah gracias dude.

jdfoster002666d ago

No. It will be in microsoft. DX support is not locked to only MS andyone can have DX support like the ps3 has...

Pillville2666d ago

Care to show me any PS3 games that use MS's proprietary graphics API, a.k.a. DirectX?

Or DirectX running on ANY platform except MS's?

geniusgamerdoc2666d ago

All i need is a price tag of under $350 and im sold.

The Meerkat2666d ago

A minimum of 60 fps on each game
Cross game chat.
A selection of controller styles (for big handed people)

catguykyou2666d ago

You can't guarantee 60fps on every game. Because of fixed hardware, developers will push the always try to get more performance out of it by sacrificing in other areas. Mostly AA, fps, or resolution.
Only PC can do this because the hardware can change that plays the game. Game code is adaptive to the hardware so it will run as well as the hardware lets it.

shreeveera2666d ago

A selection of Colour options will be great aswell.
Gimme a maroon PS4 please.

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