No Localised Tales of Graces For Wii

In an interview from the Japan Expo, which took place in France over the weekend, Makoto Yoshizumi told Kingdom of Tales that there will be no Wii version of Tales of Graces.

But PlayStation 3 owners will be pleased to know that it is still coming to Sony's console on Blu-ray as Tales of Graces f.

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TheRichterBelmont2665d ago

I'd rather have it on PS3 than Wii, but it's bogus for Wii owners in other regions as the title was originally a Wii game!

Kira832665d ago

the original wii version was buggy as hell to the point that a recall was done on it. Id consider ourselves lucky we're not getting it.

Smacktard2665d ago

...Why? You realize they issued a fixed version of the game to all those that purchased it, right? Do you really think they'd re-issue the buggy version when they already made the corrections?

TheColbertinator2665d ago

I have both Wii and PS3 so this didn't affect me too much.Still if you are a Wii-only gamer at this point in the console cycle,the JRPG well is about to dry.With Nintendo America refusing to bring the big 3 and with Namco not bringing ToG to Wii in America,2011 may be the worst year for Nintendo gamers in its history.

Darkseeker2665d ago

Seriously, if you're a wii-only owner at this point and love jRPG, you need to buy a PS3.

Xof2665d ago

Eh... not really. JRPGs are pretty lacking for both the PS3 and 360. The only thing JRPG lovers need to buy is a DS.

And the Wii would, by far, have the best JRPGs on it if NoA bothered bringing them out of Japan.

Redempteur2665d ago

obvious move ..since it's better to work on the version with less bugs and that people are intrested in

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