Halo: CE Anniversary dev 'wouldn't be surprised' to see PC port

Matthew Karch, CEO of Saber Interactive, the studio behind the upcoming Xbox 360 remake of Halo: Combat Evolved, has said that he "wouldn't be surprised" to see a PC version of the remake in the future.

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ilikegam3s2662d ago

If there is a port for pc. Then im getting that for sure ahah

wallis2662d ago

I loved halo 1 on the pc. I'll be all over that.

Goeres2662d ago

Chance of Halo4 etc moving to PC aswell?

BreakNeckSpeed2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Wouldn't hold my breath for it tbh. If they did, they may as well port Halo 3, ODST, Wars and Reach. I don't see that happening.

RedDead20672662d ago

Yay. Good things happen when you support PC gaming.

BreakNeckSpeed2662d ago

like getting pirated? :L

That seems to happen to a lot of devs these days.

Bladesfist2662d ago

Used games is the bigger problem

wallis2662d ago

Eurgh. Do you think that if suddenly no one was able to pirate that sales would increase? Is that how you think it works eh? You think that all those people downloading games would just go

"Oh look at that? I guess I'll just go buy it now."

Piracy isn't lost sales. And neither are bloody used games either. Every bloody industry has to deal with second hand sales. It's a feature of capitalism. You see it with cars don't you? If I buy a car I can sell it afterwards and that's hardly stealing from the mouth of Ford or BMW.

Game developers are not these poor starved bastards desperate for cash. Yeah sure when they make a shit game they fall on their ass and we all cry boo hoo that some hard working guys are out of jobs but it's the same anywhere else! It's just the nature of a business model where you work for three years and then all your revenue suddenly wooshes in at the end of those few years. It's a risk all games companies have and it's a risk any other company with a similar model takes.

"Results of a 2010 survey indicate that the average salary for a game programmer is USD$ 80,300 annually"

80,000 USD ANNUALLY!? Stop acting like the games industry is filled with paupers in desperate need for cash and that whenever one of us acts on our rights to sell something we OWN that we might as well spit on the chidren in oxfam adverts.

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