Man Struggles With GameStop Employee, Steals Playstation 3

The surveillance showed a man in a gray shirt with cornrows walking into the store. He looked around the GameStop on University Avenue and began asking about the PS3

Employee Ericson Santiago showed the man the PS3 box and answered a few questions. Santiago said the man then went around the counter and attempted to take the video game from his hands.

However, Santiago refused to let go.

"He got knocked down and dragged halfway to the door," one police officer said.

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Real gamer 4 life4864d ago

lol no wonder ps3 sale are down. Because everyone wants one but cant afford it so they try to steal it lol.

rofldings4864d ago

wtf? In the video they say "The Playstation 3 is worth about 600 dollars"

Wow, there's a huge sign in the STORE that says "PS3, now 399.99$"

lol. reporters are so stupid.

jiggyjay4864d ago

He'll end up returning after he finds out that there's no games to really play on it and he doesn't have an HDTV to get the benefits of blu ray!

cr33ping_death4864d ago

i guess its better than paying for the red ring of death....right.

ScentlessApprentice74864d ago

Sitting in front of a TV without a console to play because it's on the fritz leads you here to talk trash?? You got nothing better to do??

Well, let losers be losers.

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Naruto4864d ago

ps3 are now low as $399 ^^^

unlimited4864d ago (Edited 4864d ago )

there two dude there..the white dude didnt do anythin..damn im kinda pissed off..but i guess its good to let it go jus in case he have a gun..

EDIT he didnt know and probaly didnt seen the new commericial

CRIMS0N_W0LF4864d ago

He stole the wrong Console!

(This is not intented to offend anyone but as a joke. Do not take this as an offense)

CRIMS0N_W0LF4864d ago

Did you get offended?

If i said "At least he tried to steal the right console" will not be funny as "He stole the wrong console" imo....

FF7numba14864d ago

WHAT was he suppose to steal a wii?

cloud360-7th_account4864d ago

MAYBE he wouldnt steal it if it was so expensive.

Dont think this is a good thing plz. Coz it aint.

popup4864d ago

Police have found the perpetrator and are quoted to have been astonished at who it was, "It was the last person we were expecting to commit such a crime" said Police Inspector Hales in an earlier interview.

The identity of the thief has been protected using state of the art computer technology in this photo released by police.

ElementX4864d ago

Gabe doesn't have cornrows.

Mc1874864d ago

I thiught COntra was gabe lol
bubbles 4 u

Charlie26884864d ago

LOL!!!!!! I just spilled my coffee thanks to that XD

IGNFTW4864d ago


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