PALGN: Assassin's Creed Preview

Those great fellows at Ubisoft invited PALGN to their office the other day, to have a go at Assassin's Creed, personally walked through by creative director, Patrice Desilets. This isn't the first time that they had seen the game, and it has indeed gone gold recently. So, in a year where a lot of games have been vying for the gamer's attention, will Assassin's Creed do enough to stand out?

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TheExecutive4868d ago

this is a good preview...

jinn4868d ago

forget it, part 2 is probably secretly in development.

gw4k4868d ago

I just hope it is good!

Imalwaysright4868d ago

"For example, in free running mode, you’ll automatically jump and run across rooftops, so long as you move in that direction..." Does this means that there isnt a jump button or is just when you are in free running mode

ATLRoAcH4868d ago

That was a very detailed preview.I can't wait to free run with an assassin.

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