Eternal Sonata: 360Monster Review

It is not very often that a game can represent emotion as well as Eternal Sonata. The game takes place inside Chopin's mind as he is trying to differentiate between reality and dreams. Soon, however, he gets caught up in the ongoing tale that he first believes is his own, then soon realises he has became a part of the tale.

Featuring a rich cast of characters that are continually evolving throughout the story, you will soon become attached and interested in their actions. Slowly the story will develop, showing more of each character developing bonds for one another and progressing on their own adventures, whilst coming together to complete a common goal.

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CaliGamer4868d ago

But is there a PS3 version coming out, if not, why is this classified as multi and not 360 only? I hope this is not an attempt at trolling.

turbogeek4868d ago

it's coming to PS3 with more content than the 360 version. more characters + more costumes

Baba19064868d ago

im really looking forward to this game. only have a ps3 so i guess i have to wait a little longer. really love how it looks.