Sony and Microsoft should combine for next gen console

iTWire writes "Here is an idea, what do we expect from the next generation of gaming consoles? They are, apart from the Nintendo Wii U, still a few years away from hitting the market, but already rumours are circulating around what form the next-gen will take. If Microsoft and Sony were to combine forces, the next game console could make them a bunch of Mony."

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TheLastGuardian20102667d ago

Eventually down the line it would be nice to have a universal system (like say a blueray player), instead of having a ps3, a 360, a wii, a pc, just to play all the games you wish to play. It accumulates the expenses.

Joni-Ice2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

Not getting in to the business side of thing but, the games would be awesome if true thats for sure...Why? Because developers can focus on one game at a time and not ports. No more exclusives so you would never hear developers say this can only be done on PS3 or the 360 is hold back the game or whatever been heard. Bring all the pros from both systems in to one would be great.

Dramscus2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

I think in the most technical sense.
Nintendo could do well strictly as a game developer. Sony could do well strictly as a hardware manufacturer and publishing partner, and microsoft is nearly the best at networking and interfaces.

That is probably where everything will end up eventually. Moving back to where they came. Consoles are just a side track for gaming.

One day we will all look back and remember tho-se quaint few decades we had designated game devices.

Though as things stand now it seems like sony and google and valve are working together.
I wouldn't be surprised if the next sony console ran their hardware, an android interface, and a steam network.

Bereaver2667d ago

"could make them a bunch of Mony"

Everyone loves "Mony".

On topic..... I really don't think the parties would ever come to an agreement on something this big.

Army_of_Darkness2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

it's Like me hoping that one day my girl will happily agree and bring another hot chick over for some 3sum action! heheh! not gonna happen.

keith-ps32667d ago

@Joni-Ice no way in hell should any one disagree with what u just said

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Bigpappy2667d ago

People think they need this, but they really don't. Do you have any idea how much that would cost. There would be no real competition and a gen would last 15 years with little improvements over the previous. I would like to see APPle or the return of Sega.

fr0sty2667d ago

Microsoft can keep it's pay to play online tactics, as well as it's proprietary hardware the hell away from my console, thank you.

Not to mention, competition fuels innovation. We actually gain more from having more choices, as they have to work harder to impress us and to keep their products affordable.

BitbyDeath2667d ago

That'd be quite horrible indeed.

fluffydelusions2667d ago

I dunno. Sounds like a disaster in the making tbh. MS and Sony have have their own goals. Plus competition is a good thing.

hiredhelp2667d ago

LoL it be like sony taking MS to school in hardware tech.

firemassacre2667d ago

It would not work, there completely different companys

sony :exclusives

ms : not many

abczby2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

Microsoft: Amazing online, best in the industry by far

Sony: PSN still desperately playing catchup with Xbox Live and failing miserably in the process


So you combine Microsoft's expertise with online and Sony's expertise of first party development, and I would argue that it would actually work out very well.

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