Bionic Commando: "In Three Months, You Will Be Happy"

Not everyone was thrilled with some of the choices shown in the re-imagined Bionic Commando. The most vocal complaint? People hatin' on the cornrows. Next up, the arm is way too big. The hot dogs inside the arm were a distant third - a distant third, but close to our cold, bitter hearts. According to BC producer Ben Judd, the cornrows move and sway when Nathan does the swingy-swingy - an effect that wouldn't appear with a military-style haircut. Early on, it was even suggested that the character have a bandana, but Judd shot that down as Snake from Metal Gear Solid already has one. Another possible design was a mohawk, but that was also nixed as Judd felt too many games have too many bald protagonists. He wanted something different and original. So, does that mean the producer isn't open to changes? The game is a while away. Those design elements could be changed. Judd tells Kotaku:

"In three months, I'm almost ninety percent certain that fans will be very, very happy. Just wait and give me three months.
Does that mean the cornrows will be out? "No comment." What about a slimmer arm? "No comment." And the hot dogs? Ditto. Keep in mind that this a game he's fought hard to get made, so he certainly has his own vision for it.

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DrPirate4865d ago

Just listening to the Bionic Commando theme redone orchestrated brought shivers up my back.

Good nostalgia, I'll defintely be getting this game even if it sucks because of all the good times the original gave me when I was a child.

malingenie4865d ago

So many things can go wrong with this one, though. I hope it overcomes them.

Grinchy4865d ago

Will buy this whatever. one of my favourite wastes of time as a child

jackdoe4865d ago

Meh. Developers talk big, but rarely deliver.

gamesblow4865d ago

1st things 1st... His arm doesn't look like it's comprised of Hot dogs... they look like Hydraulic hoses to me. But hey, what do I know? I'm sure these idiot website pros who thin they're trendy know more about the subject at hand. It was a slow news day the day they saw this game and had to bash it, I'm sure.

2nd - This game isn't coming out in 90 days, so why the hell are we going to be pleased? That's absurd. Capcom has a history of prolonging stuff and this will be no exception.

3rd - The game will have absolutely nothing in common with the original other than namesake and the fact he has a bionic arm and it's made by capcom. They could have called this "CLAW" and it'd have done just as well.

I'm sick of the media in the videogame world. How about you?

Clinton5144865d ago

What was shown seemed pretty amazing to me. I don't worry too much about character design seeing how this was just the first showing of the game. Not to say I hated how the character looks now.

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The story is too old to be commented.