Need For Speed: Pro Street PS3 Demo - Preview

Need For Speed: Pro Street is the latest racing game from EA, and it's a much needed breath of fresh air in the NFS series.

This week EA released the demo on the US Playstation Store. Read what PS3 Addict has to say about the demo, then go get it and try it yourself.

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falconm804872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

- Graphics look smooth, the smoothest looking game on PS3 so far ( lots of AA )

- Physics and game handling are very poor 1/10
- Damage mode isn't realistic and u can't damage the car like u can do in Burnout paradise..

There is no point of strenght in this game, unless u want a game that allows u to paint your car and show it to your friends then this is your game.

ruibing4872d ago

So EA finally got the graphics up to par on the PS3 with the rest of the industry and now they are back to their old problem. My last favorite NFS was NFS Wanted on the PC that was fun and addictive, but since my move to consoles, I've been spending my time playing GT3 and GT4 until GT5 arrives.

ShiftyLookingCow4872d ago

GT5P was much more cleaner and smoother not to mention it is superior(in terms of having fun when you drive)

DJ4872d ago

Deleted it within 5 minutes. Unless EA learns to make good games and not put every title on 8 different platforms, they're going to continue to lose money.

EA Chicago, Criterion, and the team behind Army of Two seem to be the only shining beacons within the conglomerate.

Tsalagi4872d ago

I hope so. I'm really looking forward to playing some coop in Army of Two. Hopefully they won't screw it up some how.

Agente474872d ago

I wont really comment on game handling until I handle it with a wheel, that's the only way I enjoy racing games.

falconm804872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

Agente47,, I too enjoy racing games with steering wheels,, I have 2 steering wheels,, 1st one is the momo the other one is for the PS2 which can work on PS3 sometimes ( Formula one CE ).
I played the GT5 demo with the MOMO steering wheel ( yes it works on PS3 and I respect GT5 developers for that) the demo already compatible with steering wheels because they are building the game around steering wheels and realistic physics. I also played GT5 with the SIXAXIS. The handling on the GT5 is superb, I can tell that it feels realistic with the MOMO and with the SIXAXIS, it's not hard to tell if a game handles well with a joy pad or a steering wheel although it will be tough to do fast times with a joy pad.
This NFS demo is rubbish; it doesn't feel realistic, not even close. No steering wheel support in the demo means that they haven't been developing the game around steering wheel, they just use joy pads. NFS pro street developers admitted it themselves that this game is not meant to be a driving simulator and that it is more of an arcade game. The game is just too much Arcady, they are not making use of the processing power available in next gen consoles to make better handling cars, instead they use that processing power to make a better looking smoke, which tells u that the people behind this game are dumb and shallow.

Agente474872d ago

I agree it's very arcade, surely it will be arcade even with the wheel. But so is SEGA Rally and I love it. There's room for good simulators and good arcade games, and I'm hopping this NFS will be a good arcade game.

Tsalagi4872d ago

I felt disconnected from the car like i was guiding it along the track and not steering it myself. Like falconm80 said, " There is no point of strength in this game, unless u want a game that allows u to paint your car and show it to your friends then this is your game."
I think that's all EA was really going for, a tricked out car display sim and not a true racing game.

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The story is too old to be commented.