How PS Vita Can Be A Success

While the PSP is still a solid handheld gaming device that a lot of people use to this day, it’s become a bit dated in terms of Sony’s standards.

The PS Vita is the new portable console that Sony has announced. Its success is going to be how well Sony gets some critical things right. This article analyzes what those factors are.

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MasterCornholio2664d ago

I am pretty sure it will do better than the PSP. Oh and sorry doesnt matter if the 3DS outsells the Vita. The Vita will still be a great portable too own. Haters loose gamers win.

psuni2664d ago

You're right. Even though both systems are handheld consoles they are appealing to different groups.

But the PSV sure needs to play to its strengths. The 3DS is not taking off because the need for 3D in many of the games that plays well on the DS is not really essential.

jukins2664d ago

article is pretty accurate in terms of what sony needs to do beyond games to make the vita a long term success. The first thing the article mentions is "full psn integration day1" that is so true sony can't pull a ps3 show all these features only for most of them to not see the light of day for years if at all.