If the game is broken, should it be released? says: It seems like a simple question with a simple answer, yet it isn’t. Many gamers have had that dreadful experience of playing through a game and running into bugs, no game is immune to it, but then there are those special cases where a game is just completely broken to the point that it is not even playable. You’re left sitting there with a product you cannot use!

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BeastlyRig2752d ago

Lmoa This console generation made this a regular routine!

They bought broken black ops! wtf!!

While PC gets 2 shooters (BF3 , Red Orchestra 2 & maybe mw3)this year polished & guaranteed dedicated servers!

Joni-Ice2752d ago

It should not be released because it leaves a bad impression with consumers. I believe reviewers should take off extreme amounts of points when companies release games broken. If not, it gives more and more companies the excuse to do it. They will feel they could get away with it....And we as consumers should not support a game when a company does it.

evrfighter2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

That is up to the developer/publisher actually.

The choice to buy it is up to us. There used to be a time when people wouldn't buy low quality. If we are willing to buy broken products...that's not the developers fault, nobody is forcing us to buy it.

However and this is an entirely different subject,

It's only a matter of time before laws are made that prohibit publishers from giving sites money to plaster their newest game everywhere. Is there even a set price?

Is it illegal for Activision to pay $1 million dollars to IGN to slap cod banners everywhere when everyone else is paying $10 grand? We all know MW3 is getting no less than a 8.5. This is all hypothetical pricing btw. However I believe this is how the big review sites are ran.

Tachyon_Nova2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Mate can you please stop making real PC gamers look bad? Anyone who actually knows anything about the history of Battlefield will know that DICE have a terrible track record when it comes to releasing a bug free and polished experience.

Battlefield 2 had major crashing/freezing issues 6 months after release, not to mention the EA login servers for that game were far from stable, some days I could login in 5 seconds, other times more than a minute. And then if you were lucky you could play for more than 30-60 minutes without being kicked from the server because of Punkbuster being Sh*te or the EA server losing connection for no reason.

Battlefield 2142 had almost the exact same issues as BF2 despite using the same game engine and being made by the same team, except from my experience it was even less stable, and jesus christ did titan mode suffer from chronic lag at times. Only other difference was that it took them even longer to fix the issues.

Bad Company 2 was definetly a better effort but far from perfect, and the recent F2P games were/are bug riddled or had/have game design issues even after extensive Beta testing.

Do I love Battlefield? Absoultely, indeed I own each game in the franchise and have played well over 1000 hours of the series' multiplayer. So I know better than most when somebody says something about the Battlefield games whether they are making it up or not, and you sir are talking ****.

gcolley2751d ago

@BeastlyFanBoy - PC invented the patch... are you 12

nothing to do with the platform, but everything to do with the publisher

Gigglefist2752d ago

Fallout New Vegas, Brink (kinda), MW2. It happens too often.
Blizzard and Valve always push back games, but the result is a bug-free game that's worth the wait.

christheredhead2752d ago

release now
patch later

its happening way to much. i dont purchase any games that carry that sort of reputation. why would i want to support a broken game? especially when there are a plethora of titles that can be played instead.

gypsygib2752d ago

OR if you like some companies (Crytek), they just release and never fix the issues.

Tachyon_Nova2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

PC version is pretty much perfect now, just finished it on Post Human Warrior. I'll admit that in two places during my PHW playthrough the AI didn't notice me shoot their friend whom they were looking at and/or standing next to.

However, all of the log in issues are resolved, stability is perfect, performance has been improved, advanced graphics options have been added, DX11 and HD textures have been added, MP weapons are much more balanced, MP score limits have been adjusted and are now much better, AI while imperfect is now much smarter (doesn't go to sleep/not notice you, better at navigating terrain, better at woking as a team), cheat protection in MP is now better than most games on PC, nano catalyst now counts properly plus about 100 other fixes/additions.

If that isnt good support for a game I don't know what is.

bwazy2752d ago

I just really wish games were returnable to gamestop/walmart/ whereever once you break the seal on them. Theres nothing I hate more than buying a 60 dollar game and not being able to return it because its a piece of shit.

DrRichtofen2752d ago

If only I had my own shrink wrap machine I might be able to trick some walmart employees into returning some games.

gypsygib2752d ago

Definitely not. In fact. it should be a crime to release a clearly unfinished product onto the market without informing consumers of potential bugs that completely ruin the experience.

There have only been two games I bought that were either unplayable or had bugs so bad that completely turned me off playing - New Vegas and Crysis 2.

I can tolerate some first week bugs but if the games over two weeks old, devs should have patched the major issues. Look at Crysis 2, almost four months later and the SP is still completely broken. Crytek should be sued.

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