PS4 - Were My Predictions Correct?

MMGN member predicts 2012 reveal and release for PS4 back in mid-June.

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bwazy2661d ago

I don't know if I should believe this. BUT if M$ truly is going to be showing off their new console at E3 2012, then Sony (to prevent the whole PS3 being a year behind again), will most likely AT LEAST tease us so we will have something to make us not buy the next xbox.

Would explain why Nintendo is releasing earlier than M$ and Sony!

Dramscus2660d ago

I think if they go one year behind it would be best just to go for two and let the whole thing blow over.

FACTUAL evidence2660d ago

Well Ps3 is only going on 6 years......WHOAHOHO! What a prediction........

Hanif-8762660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Sony needs to release the PS4 before Microsoft releases the Xbox360's successor. What i'm saying is whoever does first is more likely to succeed if they're after the same audience.

Dazel2660d ago

With Sony losing so much money of late and the current state of the world economy i would be very surprised to see one next year. Both MS and Sony lose billions launching new hardware, I can't see either of them wanting to take such a huge risk right now.

Grannyvukka2660d ago

Seems to good to be true.....But, maybe Sony are taking a leaf out of MS's book, and like MS did with Xbox1 with it's 4 year cycle they had ammassed 3-4billion in losses, so decided to move onto there next console. Unlike MS though, Sony will obviously still manufacture, market, support & sell PS3's to keep making back money on it. The smart thing that most people fail to realize with Sony's huge development costs with PS3 is that they factored in other hardware with it's development & made parts & the blu ray format with future hardware in mind. So what that means is that the cell was made to not only go into PS3's, but also Sony Bravia televisions & such, as well as supercomputers having many of the cell chips installed, linked up & all working together....these cell things are more freaking powerful than the average MS dick riding dummy could fathom, due to the fact they were disigned to work in conjunction with one another, so while one is powerful, without being groundbreakingly powerful, it's when you start throwing a clump of these things in hardware together that there true super computer capabilities begin to show. So smartly PS4 just needs a 3 to 4 of these cells sticky taped or bubble gummed together, along with a nice fast blu ray reader, a bunch of wires & such, & the only chip Sony need to outsource & possibly pay for development of from scratch is a graphics chipset. But I would say they will just pay IBM or one of the other 2 or 3 big manufacturers, for a slightly customized & enhanced version of one of there current graphics chips.

Nexgensensation2660d ago

we shouldn't move into the next console era until we get the same amount of games like the previous era.

this generation was flooded with shooters.

SO yea I'm a little disappointed with this gen games.

2660d ago