EB Games Expo 2011: OXCGN’s Exclusive First Interview- Sun, Sand, Sex…and games


"Sun, sand, sex and now…games. Yes it ruins the alliteration of the sentence, but now there’s another exciting reason to be on the Gold Coast in October.

The EB Games Expo 2011 is Australia’s first gaming event of this magnitude and is inevitably tagged Australia’s version of E3.

OXCGN’s father and son duo, David and Alex, ask Ryan Lock, Marketing and Events Supervisor for EB Games, about the upcoming show."

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gaminoz2662d ago

Finally an event away from Sydney and open to the public! Should be really cool with all those publishers there and playable early code.

XboxOZ3602662d ago

Actually, it's interesting tonote that the second Mana Bar, whiich was reported to be opening in Sydney, ended up in Melbourne, and will be opening this month (around mid-mointh I believe).

SOo it is good to see other activities like this and such things as the ana Bar opening and thriving in other Australian major cities.

As these are aimed at gamers, rather than media events. Which is a huge bonus for any gamer. Media will be attending of course, OXCGN will be there for the weekend, and we'll be interviewing general gamers getting their thoughts on the event, as well as the games available.

I'm certain we'll see plenty of great titles available to go hands-on with.

BadCircuit2662d ago

This event sounds awesome! A gaming event in Australia that is open to the public is something I've wanted for some time. I'm glad that it is finally here!

Proeliator2662d ago

I love living Louisiana. :(

You Oz folk are lucky!

gaminoz2662d ago

Yeah at least public can attend, unlike E3!

Belgavion2662d ago

I didn't know a Mana Bar was coming to Melbourne!