BnBGaming's PodBytes – Episode 7: Long-Running Franchises (Part 2)

Way back in episode 4 of the PodBytes series we talked about long-running videogame franchises and discussed whether or not they were still relevant today. It was such an interesting conversation that we thought we would come back to the topic and look at a few other games that didn’t get covered last time. Be warned, as well as talking about the likes of Final Fantasy and Halo, we also uncover hidden Bits ‘n’ Bytes Gaming secrets, such as one member’s love for Final Fantasy cosplay, and a secret videogame development being undertaken by the team, which involves one of the gaming world’s biggest franchises. It’s all fun and games in PodBytes – Episode 7!

PodBytes – Episode 7: Long-Running Franchises (Part 2) stars Martin Watts, Pascal Tekaia, Chad Morelock, and Rexly Penaflorida. Originally recorded on Sunday 3 July, 2011. Full run time: 130 mins

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