A critique of PC gaming elitism

MyGaming: I am usually not one to fly off the handle easily, but there is a certain sub-section of gamers that really irks me. These gamers are so blind, so defiant, that they do not see what is right in front of them. Of course, as you should have gathered, I’m talking about diehard PC elitists who believe that all things pertaining to consoles are the doom of gaming.

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Warprincess1162665d ago

Great read. This is why i don't like PC fanboys. They act like PC gaming is the best thing ever.

Canucks232665d ago

You could say that about fanboys of anything... That's why they're called fanboys.

NewMonday2665d ago

i really respect PC gaming, it is not as big as before because the PS3 and 360 getting the kind of games we could only find on the PC. I myself grew on point and click adventur games from lucas arts and sierra,

games like Bioshock,Portal, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Battlefield, Mass Effect,Dragon Age and many more were born from the PC.

their are some overbearing PC gamers, but i still consider them the "elders" of the gaming community.

evrfighter2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

"PC gaming is the best thing ever."


what? you think I'm a douche master race elite? let me ask you this

What's wrong with that?

vickers5002665d ago

"you think I'm a douche"

"What's wrong with that?"

You just answered your own question.

ATiElite2665d ago

Like how you act about anything PS3 and Call of Duty?

f7897902665d ago

I just hate the people who going telling their specs to everyone. Then all the console fanboys see the ridiculous specs and say it costs $1000's to be a pc gamer.

bumnut2665d ago

People only post specs to brag, but it is really any different from say a PS3 fan bragging about a huge 3dtv he just bought?

Lord_Sloth2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

I'm currently staying with a PC gamer and his arrogance is annoying as hell. I hate PC gamers who view themselves as godly then they get their asses kicked on a console and blame the controller when I could just as easily play their PC titles.

As for the Elders of Gaming comment? Personal Computers have been available since the 1980s but weren't very common. Consoles while not completely adored, were more common in the 1980s so no. You aren't the elders. You just like to think you are.

bumnut2665d ago

Thats not how I remember it, I must have grown up in an alternate 1980's like in back to the future 2.

NewMonday2665d ago

i sure don't mean "mouse and keyboard" whiners in my admiration.

Lord_Sloth2665d ago

I grew up in a 1980s where not many people I knew had a PC at all but every1 in Norfolk had an NES.

ATiElite2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

1. Have you ever played on Xbox live and tried communicating w/ teammates to complete an objective but all you heard was Racist, Cursing, Flaming, homophobic, Anti-feminist, and other derogatory remarks from a bunch of 9 to 17 year olds. And that's why we say it's for kids.

2. "Most PC gamers do not update their hardware". this statement is just NOT true and all you have to do is take a look at the STEAM Hardware survey to see what's what.

3. PC Gamers play PC Games because it offers something totally different, strategic, and long lasting than console games plus mods and the fact you can alter your game to fit your style of play and hardware.

4. not gonna argue the KB/M thing cause that is STUPID! every PC Gamer has a controller for certain games as a KB/M is NOT always practical for some games. Amazingly he forgot to mention PC Gamers can use whatever controller we want but that would defeat his flaimbait article.

5. Lastly some PC Gamers can be just as fanboyish as PS3 or 360 owners so in reality who cares.

6. The consoles have some great games...I just choose not to play them cause i prefer the gaming experience of my PC and Core PC Games (not console ports) whether it's connected to my monitors or living room TV. While your playing Uncharted 3 PS3 or some will be playing Gears 3 360 i'll be playing Tera PC.

Sure I can be a prick to consolers but it only happens when they just make up totally stupid crap about techs, specs, and PC Games that they never have even played. for the most part i've helped about 30+ consolers on N4G build PC's and will help more.

See you 30+ October 25th on The Battlefield...3 PC that is. Enjoy your platform and games no matter what.

pr0digyZA2665d ago

And they must also remember that steam gives you the option to do the hardware survey, the last time I did it was when half-life 2 came out,I've had a couple of PC's since then and have always declined the survey since then.

thebudgetgamer2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

my biggest problem with the pc elitist is most fanboys argue over why game x is better than game y and so forth, while these pc guys come with an attitude of being above or superior to everyone else.

for kicks when i read some of their comments as a bully from an 80's movie.

i understand that gaming on a pc offers a lot, 60fps, 1080p, modding and steam all great stuff we know. the thing is you don't have to constantly remind us.

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