Call of Duty 4 3D Screen

An exclusive 3D QuickTime screenshot of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

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PS360PCROCKS4868d ago

contra lmao wtf are you doing? what a idiot you are. Anyways these screenshots that are 3D are so cool.

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Liquid Ocelot4868d ago

and what has that got to do with Call of duty 4?

crazy250004868d ago

this screen shot is awesome.....w0w cant wait for this game =)

kewlkat0074868d ago

I tried that Resistance DEMO on PSN and, I always knew I hated FPS games with the PS controller. I don't care how good the game is my accuracy is ridiculous with that controller.

Feels great to have a choice's always been like that with me.

Fighting games will go to the PS3. especially when Street Fighter rolls in. That 360 d-pad just doesn't cut it.

Now that's some sweet shots...

riqued4868d ago

I never played with a 360 controler, so what's the difference in using that for FPS?

PS360PCROCKS4868d ago

Honestly it's hard to explain why it's so much better but the triggers for aiming and shooting are just awesome. The ps3 controller isn't as comfortable TO ME especially for shooting games.

Double-Edged4868d ago

Triggers are shaped perfectly for the 360. in all genres
the Two analogues are placed correctly and comfortably on the 360 for FPS. or any shooters that makes you strife and aim (invert yeeaaaa BOY)

but when it comes down to the D-pad.
The PS3 has a better edged due to placement.

the only real difference between 360 and ps3 controller. is the switched positions of the d-pad and left analog stick.

VF5 is hard to play on the 360 d-pad. but still is hella FUN

Double-Edged4868d ago

360 controller for shooters or the better use of left analog stick.
PS3 controllers for adventure and d-pad focused.
Arcade stick for Fighters.
and FF Wheel for forza2... yeaaaaa.. you dont know forza2 until you use the wheel

and you suck if dont play INVERT on FPS. you should stick to goldeneye

kewlkat0074868d ago

nailed it.

The way the Left Analog is placed, it is perfect.

On the PS3, it just does not feel right.

But for fighing games that require "half circle button moves, the dual-shock is tight. Again, its the placecement and how the D-Pad protrudes.

with the 360 d-Pad you end up doing crazy sh^t you didn't mean to in fighting games, that require half or full circle motions.

mighty_douche4868d ago

INVERT?? are you mad, its and FPS not a flight sim. ive never understood it, why not make right-left and left-right while your at it.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4868d ago

There is something called FragFX on PS3 which is way better then X360 controller for FPS

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The story is too old to be commented.