GameOn: Trackmania 2: Canyon In-Depth Hands-On Preview

GameOn writes "Trackmania2: Canyon is the latest title in the Trackmania racing series, where the track building and community are just as important as the actual racing. While at E3 we got to put some particularly searching questions to Nadeo, the Paris based developer behind Trackmania, and play with their latest game. Find out everything you need to know in our in-depth preview."

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ATiElite2667d ago

PC Gamers

I know TM 1 was f2p don't know about Trackmania 2

BeastlyRig2667d ago

awww console player? I will pray for u to get dedi servers one day..

FlareDReborn2665d ago

I get my dedi servers in BFBC2. ;D

killerhog2667d ago

i need more racing games fix. make this for ps3 as well!!! i enjoyed Modnation but it was a bit to kitty for me. so a more grown up, create, share and play revolving around cars is much appreciated by me.